Don't expect Kristin Cavallari to tune into any The Hills re-runs

Credit: ET

Motherhood has changed Kristin Cavallari – but that doesn’t mean she wants to relive the past.

Cavallari told Entertainment Tonight ahead of The Hills 10th anniversary on Tuesday that she tries to avoid watching what she calls a “soap opera.”

“I haven’t gone back and watched them, but one day,” she said. “I think it was two summers ago, my husband, Jay [Cutler], had them on when I came home one time and that was… it’s kind of brutal for me to sit through.”

She added of herself during the two seasons of the show on which she appeared (from 2009 to 2010), “I was so obnoxious and I’m like … different time in my life.”

Cavallari, who originally starred on MTV’s Laguna Beach before joining the spinoff in season 5, told Entertainment Tonight that she “didn’t realize at the time that it’s essentially this soap opera.”

“It was a fun job, but it was essentially a job,” the 29-year-old shared. “They put me in situations that they would know how I would react, and that’s what I did.”

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In her new book, Balancing in Heels – which was released earlier this year – Cavallari revealed that many of Laguna Beach‘s storylines were cooked up by producers.

Despite the drama, Cavallari said she “wouldn’t trade” her experiences on The Hills or Laguna “for the world.”

“I had a blast filming the majority of the time and have beautiful footage of special moments with my friends, like prom and graduation,” she said. “But I struggled with people thinking I was someone I wasn’t. Young girls all over the world were criticizing me for being a bitch, but media outlets loved it.”