The former SNL star struggled with One Direction trivia and singing their hit song

By Michele Corriston
Updated February 19, 2014 12:30 PM
Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Harry, is that you?

The parade of A-listers wishing new Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon good luck continued Tuesday with one of Britain’s hottest boy banders.

Harry Styles stopped by for a chat with Fallon – or rather, Kristen Wiig did. The Saturday Night Live legend impersonated the pop singer for a hilariously unscripted interview.

The Bridesmaids star, wearing a v-neck T-shirt, stylish suit and wild wig, spoke in her normal voice and struggled to answer Fallon’s interview questions.

“Your accent is different in person,” Fallon noted. “Because you know, you’re not from America.”

“I’m from England!” Wiig replied with some coaxing.

Wiig also didn’t seem to get the memo about One Direction‘s members meeting on The X Factor.

“We were at school, and it was one of those like, hey, I sing, and then everyone was just kind of like, let’s go to Harry’s house and start rehearsing,” she explained, fumbling her way through 1D history. “And then we sent a tape to RCA, and they called my house.”

One piece of trivia Wiig may have gotten right? She said that Styles uses two hairdryers – and given his enviably wind-swept mane, that could be plausible.

To close out the interview, Fallon asked “Harry” to sing “What Makes You Beautiful.” The song has dominated the radio since its 2011 release, but it seems Wiig may have missed the catchy single. Aided by posters displaying the lyrics, she couldn’t seem to get the tune right until Fallon jumped in for a duet. Watch the hilarious interview below: