Kris Jenner Zings Caitlyn Jenner for Her Republican Politics: 'You're So Crazy About This One Thing'

Kris and Caitlyn were previously married for 23 years

Photo: E! Entertainment

It was a clash of the titans on Sunday’s I Am Cait.

Kris Jenner came to New Orleans to spend time with ex Caitlyn Jenner – and plenty of sparring ensued.

Caitlyn spoke about meeting Hillary Clinton, leading Kris to recall having political conversations with her Republican ex.

“Sometimes you can get a little cranky,” said Kris, 60. “Because you’re so crazy about this one thing – you are really crazy about this one thing – and no one wants to sit around and listen to this s— so shut the f— up and relax.”

Caitlyn’s I Am Cait costars – who are politically more liberal than she is – got a kick out of that comment.

“I have to admit it is kind of hard to listen to all these people in the room come up with their notes on me,” Caitlyn said during a confessional interview. “Their likes and dislikes. I have my ex wife and my friends all comparing notes. Not easy.”

Later at dinner, the pair disagreed about if Caitlyn told Kris she was transgender early in their marriage. (Caitlyn maintained that yes, she did, while Kris said that wasn’t the case.)

“I kept saying, ‘Why are you so unhappy? What’s going on?’ ” Kris said. “I would sit you down on the couch in the bedroom and go, ‘Tell me what’s wrong. There’s something really wrong. I can handle it. Just tell me. Just please tell me.’ And she would say. ‘You wouldn’t understand ‘You’re just not that kind of a person.’ So it was this back and forth for a long time.”

They’ll be more next week, when Kris and Caitlyn’s conversation continues on the show.

I Am Cait airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on E!

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