Kris Jenner on Living with Daughter Kim Kardashian West's Family: 'I Feel Like They're Never Going to Leave!'

Jenner also said daughter Kendall "is the smart one – she moved across town"

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Many parents worry about empty nest syndrome when their kids grow up, but Kris Jenner has the opposite problem – she can’t seem to get rid of her kids!

Speaking on a panel during the NATPE Television conference in Miami on Wednesday, the reality maven lamented that while her kids are now “full-blown adults”, daughter Kim Kardashian West can’t seem to leave the nest. “Kim and Kanye and North and Saint, my grandchildren, they live with me and I feel like they’re never going to leave!” she joked, adding, “They just don’t leave, my kids do not leave.”

Jenner, 60, further explained the current cohabitation, saying of her daughter and husband Kanye West, 38: “They’re making changes to a project they’re working on down the street but literally, when North was born they lived with me for almost two years, and then they just moved in, I don’t know, six months ago for a couple of weeks, and Kim just keeps saying, ‘Just eight more weeks, just eight more weeks.’ ”

Kim, 35, is not the only Kardashian daughter living nearby, though. Jenner, who also discussed her trepidation regarding the upcoming O.J. Simpson miniseries American Crime Story, says none of her children have gone far from home – or from each other.

Kourtney and Khloé and Rob and Kylie live about a mile away – all in the same gated community, all down the street from each other,” the matriarch explained. “Then Kim and I are on the other side of that – in the other community over here, so we’re all super close. And then Scott just bought a house down the street!,” she said with a smile.

It would appear that one of the children actually has stepped a bit outside of the Kardashian zone, according to Jenner. “Kendall is the smart one – she moved across town,” joked Jenner.

All joking aside, the mother of six says she is truly enjoying this phase of life, “For me every one of my kids now has their own place, which is such a blessing. I never thought I would be in this place where all your kids are taken care of and settled down and have a home, and that’s such a joy for a mom.”

And she added, “And it’s a joy for me because they can all film in their own houses!”

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