"The pictures are insane. This is so Kylie, by the way," Kris Jenner said on Maria Menounos' radio show

By Aurelie Corinthios
Updated December 03, 2015 10:50 AM
Credit: Steven Klein; Inset: Getty

Kylie Jenner has her momager’s approval – for the most part.

During SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria Menounos on Tuesday, Kris Jenner revealed she was a huge fan of Kylie’s super sexy Interview magazine photo shoot, though she joked her daughter could have showed a little less skin in the provocative pictures.

“The pictures are insane. This is so Kylie, by the way,” Kris, 60, told Menounos. “Steven Klein shot this, he’s so iconic and amazing. And I love that my girls get to work with the most fantastic photographers in the world. It’s such a great experience and it’s truly remarkable. But I think that when they’re doing this, you know, it’s just such a private photo shoot, and she really gets to work with him and express herself. And this is what she loves. I think it’s great. I think they’re beautiful and artistic.”

“I think she could have covered her bum a little bit more right there,” Kris continued with a laugh. “But I saw the way the hair and the latex and the all that it’s just so cool. It’s almost like she’s doll-like. And she’s wild, and this is how she expresses herself. So I think it’s great.”

Kris gushed that Kylie, 18, is “definitely somebody who’s got a great head on her shoulders.”

“She’s such a great person, such a great girl with a big heart,” Kris added. “So I don’t worry about that side of her. And when she expresses herself like that artistically, I love it.”

As for whether if she’s present at her daughters’ photo shoots, the momager said sometimes – though she wasn’t on site for the Interview one.

When asked if she imposes any rules or stipulations on her youngest daughter, Kris laughed.

“Well that was really cute, until she turned 18,” Kris said. “And now I can give her lots of advice, which, by the way, she usually takes. I think that my kids make some decisions sometimes, like when Kim did the shot on breaking the internet, and had her bum with the martini glass and the whole thing – sometimes these photos that they’ve done become bigger than they are. And they make good decisions, and for the right reasons. I think that for them to have some iconic fabulous shot by some of the best photographers in the world isn’t a bad thing.”

Kris also noted that Kylie “does worry about influencing kids that are younger and not wanting to be a bad influence,” but that she approaches things from a healthy angle.

“Because she just wants to show, ‘Hey, this was really creative, and this was how I was feeling this day and isn’t it cool, and you know, I really love this’ and so she comes at it from a really good place,” Kris said.

“She is a very artistic girl, where she thinks outside the box and she really pushes the envelope and she’s very edgy,” Kris continued. “She’s always been like that and she doesn’t do it in a bad way or you know, a bad kid, ‘I’m going to be the rebel.’ That’s not really who she ever was. She dances to her own drummer, she definitely has her own style.”

Even though Kylie is still a teen, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians matriarch applauded her daughter’s business sense (and success!), adding that communicating with Kylie sometimes feels like “talking to a 35-year-old.”

“She takes herself very seriously on some level, professionally, and then she’s the biggest mush when it comes to having that big heart and wanting to be there for others, so I can’t ask for more than that,” Kris said.

Kris also touched on her daughter’s love life after Kylie and her boyfriend Tyga‘s dramatic breakup and subsequent makeup made headlines last month.

Though Kylie confirmed last week she and Tyga are still together, Kris told Menounos she has “no idea” what their current status is.

“I really don’t know,” Kris said. “Things at my house happen on a daily [basis], anything’s possible.”

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That being said, Kris is a fan of the rapper, 26.

“I love Tyga, he’s great,” she said. “He’s a great guy. He’s the best.”