The mom of six has taught her prank-loving kids everything they know

By Diane J. Cho
November 05, 2019 01:49 PM
Credit: E!

Fans have watched Kris Jenner get caked, ambushed with water balloons and prank-called by “Todd Kraines” for years, but the momager has always taken her kids’ antics in stride. It’s only fair, since Jenner is the original jokester of the family. But no matter how elaborate the prank, Jenner has always kept her jokes rooted in love, with the hopes of teaching her kids a valuable lesson.

To fully appreciate the prank master — who turns 64 today — take a look back at Jenner’s most genius pranks that prove the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family is not someone to mess with.

Prank Call Captain

Add wine to any Kris Jenner situation and expect to get a legendary, drunken prank call from the hilarious mother of six. Accents? She’s got it covered. People to call? Her Rolodex is teeming with potential victims. Regrets? None.

Passing the Torch

The prank call champion passed down her talents to all of her children, but Khloé in particular knows when to unleash what she’s inherited when it comes to indecisive Kourtney. As Khloé pulled a fast one on her older sister, Jenner played a silent-yet-watchful partner in crime.

Mime Your Manners

The 64-year-old may be busier than most — Keeping Up with her family, her 10 grandchildren and multiple businesses — but she always makes time to get a little payback. After Khloé decided to handcuff a mime to her mom to add some humor and light-heartedness to her day, Jenner struck back by giving her daughter a little taste of her own medicine.

Teepee Attack

When Jenner is in margarita mode, ideas for pranks just flow through her like water (or … tequila). In this clip, Jenner and Khloé decided to teepee Kim’s house — just because. There are no rules or explanations needed when it comes to Kris Jenner’s style of pranking.

Security Scam

When the family decided Kim’s Pentagon-level security at her home was too much to get through, Jenner decided to show her daughter that, as her mother, no one should get in the way of letting her walk freely into Kim’s home. However, the way she decided to prove her point involved an Oscar-worthy frantic call from Khloé and a fantastic performance of Jenner getting “tackled” by Kim’s security. Laying in a stretcher with a fake neck brace on was just the cherry on top of her epic prank.