Kourtney Kardashian to 'Sex Addict' Scott Disick: 'We Are Never Getting Back Together — It's Done'

Kourtney Kardashian officially ended things with her ex on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Are Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick over for good?

Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians picked up where things left off last week, with Kris Jenner and her daughters confronting Disick for going behind their backs and bringing a woman on their family trip to Costa Rica.

“I think what we’re wondering is if you have a girl here and why?” demanded Kris, 61, during a family dinner.

Disick, 33, argued that he was just “trying to move on” from his ex Kourtney, 38, but she wasn’t having any of it.

“On a family vacation, don’t you think it’s inappropriate and disrespectful?” she demanded. “To me, to your kids and to all my family? There’s a level of respect and appropriateness that should just be known, but apparently it’s not.”

Disick admitted that he “did something wrong — as always,” but Kourtney shut him down yet again.

“Stop playing the victim,” she said. “You had your chance. I thought we were spending our whole lives together, and I’ve done everything I can.”

As the women went on to slam him for not being able to behave himself for four days, Disick decided to come out with what he later admitted was “the first thing that popped into” his head: that he’s a sex addict.

“I’m a sex addict,” he told Kris, Kourtney, Kim and Khloé. “I’m a f—ed up, horrible sex addict.”

“If you need to get your d— wet that badly, then get your f—ing d— wet,” responded Khloé, 32, dumping her glass of water all over him and storming off. Kris and Kim, 37, both followed suit, leaving Disick dripping wet as the meal came to an end.

But, of course, it was all in good fun, for the most part — the following morning, Disick patched things up with the family, starting with Khloé, who jokingly asked him if he enjoyed his “shower yesterday” but admitted she could never stay angry for too long.

“It’s totally hard to stay mad at Scott,” she said. “[We] were texting the whole night and he was so remorseful and felt like a piece of s—.”

“Scott’s so lucky, because I am the coolest baby mama on the planet,” said Kourtney. “The stuff that he’s done and I still allow him to come on our family trips? … I just feel like I need to have a conversation with him just to finally say we will never be back together. It’s probably better for both of us.”

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Later that day, the family went tubing down a river in the jungle, but Kris and Kim decided to skip out on the activity. A beach day was also in the works, but when the family spotted a boat with paparazzi out on the water, they opted to stay at their villa instead.

“When you travel so far to relax and be with the family … the last thing you want to do is find pictures on the internet of our vacation,” said Kris. “So to see them right out there with a boat and a big a— lens is unnerving.”

Soon enough, Khloé started to get frustrated with the way her family had splintered off into small groups on the trip and decided to confront Kim about it.

“These [family vacations] just aren’t what they used to be,” she said. “Everyone is so concerned about all these other things now. … It’s honestly a really f—ed up way to live. I go on these trips hoping we’re going to bond .. .and I’m learning that the older we’re getting it’s just not working out that way. I haven’t seen Kylie on this trip, I don’t know what the f— Mom is doing.”

Kim responded by pointing out that Khloé was being “negative,” “hostile,” and “snappy” — all of which didn’t go over well, prompting her sister to storm out of the room.

Kim later returned to talk things over with Khloé, this time bringing Kris and Kourtney along. Khloé reiterated how she felt, arguing that Kylie Jenner and Tyga were “locked away in their room,” Kim doesn’t “like to do any activities” and Kris and her boyfriend Corey Gamble were always off doing their own thing. The argument began to escalate as Kim grew more and more frustrated.

“This is what I can’t handle,” said Kim. “You’re so annoying. You’re the negative one, just saying how awful we are. You’re like a big bully.”

Meanwhile, Kourtney had her own separate set of issues to deal with and decided the time had come to have the conversation she’d been wanting to have with Disick.

“I think something I’ve learned on this trip that is that we need to just move on,” she told him as the two lounged by the pool with their kids.

“Perfect!” said Disick sarcastically.

“I think the moral of the story is we are never getting back together,” she added.

“That’s all I’ve ever wanted you to say,” he responded.

“After everything that’s happened here in Costa Rica, Scott knows that it’s done,” said Kourtney later. “But just saying those words lets both of us move on. It’s done.”

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As the trip was approaching its end, Kim decided to make one last effort to patch things over with her sister.

“I know that Khloé put in so much work to plan this vacation … so I don’t want her to feel separate or alone, and I don’t want to ruin this trip over a stupid fight,” she said, eventually crashing one of Khloé’s workout sessions to hang out, which Khloé later called the “peak” of her trip.

On their last night, the family enjoyed dinner together down by the water, going around the table one by one and revealing their pits and peaks of the vacation.

“My pit is that Kanye’s not here, and my peak is that I get an amazing vacation with the kids and my family,” said Kim.

“My peak was tubing and doing the waterslides and spending time with my kids and family,” said Kourtney, adding with a laugh that her pit was “the anxiety going to the confrontational dinner” with Disick.

“The one thing that we have as a family is each other,” said Kris. “It’s really nice to come together on these vacations, no mater how old the kids get, and just reconnect.” (And of course, it wouldn’t be a Kardashian vacation without a photo shoot — and this time it was Kourtney, naked. More on that here.)

But it wasn’t over yet — while everyone returned home after the trip, Kim had to fly straight to New York to meet with a French judge and attorneys to testify in her Paris robbery case. The grueling testimony ended up lasting eight hours, and Kim discovered that the perpetrators had not only been following her for an entire year leading up to the heist, but had actually planned on robbing her during another trip to Paris prior to the October trip. (They didn’t end up doing so because they found out she was with her husband Kanye West.)

At the end of the day, though, Kim was relieved that to finally be putting the traumatic experience behind her.

“I’m really happy that I got it over with and it’s done, because no matter what, it would have happened to me,” she said. “I’m honestly thankful for this experience … so that I can prepare and protect myself even more in the future.”

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on E!

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