You Might Be Shocked to Learn Which Kitchen Appliance Kourtney Kardashian 'Doesn't' Believe In — and We Can't Live Without!

It's a case of the pantry wars!

It’s a case of the pantry wars!

Khloé Kardashian gave her Snapchat followers a sneak peek at the inside of Kourtney Kardashian‘s super-organized pantry on Friday — and it just might have us all cleaning our kitchen pantries this weekend.

“We have pantry wars going on, Kourtney and I. Kourtney has tried to updo me,” Khloé, 32, said while filming the interior of her sister’s pantry, which featured numerous rows of aligned bottles of Fiji water, Smart Water and sparkling water on the left side and kitchen appliances on the right.

According to Kourtney, she believes she’s winning the war between the two pantries.

While showing off the pantry room, the mother of three also disclosed a very big kitchen secret that might come as a major shock to popcorn lovers, coffee reheaters and proponents of leftovers.

“Kourtney, what don’t you believe in?” Khloé, 32, asked her oldest sibling.

Wait for it. “Microwaves,” Kourtney, 37, said without hesitation. !!!

“She doesn’t believe in microwaves,” said Khloé.

But instead of using a microwave to warm food items up, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star opts for another very useful kitchen appliance: the toaster oven! “The toaster oven she says is solid,” said the Good American Jeans founder.

Khloé — who also has a hyper-organized pantry — also offered her opinion on Kourtney’s glass jars, which are individually marked with white labels. “You want white over your pretty jars? Just let it look pretty,” Khloé explained.

But Kourtney is a defender of the labels, and explained that it would be “harder to see” if they were clear: “It looks good, look!”

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In November, Kourtney took fans on a tour of her own pantry while she cleaned it out with her friend Larsa Pippen.

In the video posted on her website, the mom of three admitted to being very particular when it comes to organizing her family’s food. First rule of thumb? Put everything in clear glass containers. “The food is sitting in it — you don’t want all the plastic chemicals getting into your food,” she explained. “And I feel like it looks cleaner than having a bunch of boxes.”

In the glass jars, she has all of her beans and rice clearly labeled and organized together. “I’m so OCD it’s a joke,” she said.

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