Korie Robertson Felt 'Helpless' Leaving Pregnant Daughter Sadie at the Hospital amid COVID Battle

"I remember as she walked in, I just started bawling in the car," Korie Robertson says

Sadie Robertson's COVID experience was tough on the whole family.

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at next week's Thursday episode of the Facebook Watch series At Home with the Robertsons, Korie Robertson recalls the emotional day she had to take her pregnant daughter Sadie to the hospital as she was battling COVID-19.

"When Sadie got it being pregnant — and she was still in her first trimester, so still in that time when she was having morning sickness, dealing with fatigue — that was tough," she says.

Due to strict health regulations, Korie, 47, was not allowed to go inside the hospital with her daughter.

"I drove her to the hospital and just dropped her off at the door," she recalls." "I remember as she walked in, I just started bawling in the car. It was really traumatic, to think of leaving my baby girl at the hospital by herself, with her being pregnant."

"You feel really helpless when someone you love is in the hospital alone," she adds.

Sadie Robertson and Korie Robertson
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Sadie, 23, is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with husband Christian Huff. She tested positive for COVID-19 late last year after Huff, Korie and her sister Bella all contracted the disease.

"Mine started with a really bad headache," Sadie previously said on her podcast, WHOA That's Good, of her symptoms. "Like, a different kind of headache than I've ever had — it was like a migraine behind my eye. Then I got the cough — my throat was so red and on fire. It was terrible."

She also said she experienced brain fog, body aches, a loss of taste and smell, "vivid dreams" and difficulty sleeping despite being "so tired."

After experiencing dehydration due to a combination of morning sickness and COVID symptoms, she checked into the hospital for several days. And while she's since recovered, Sadie has said the illness had a lasting impact on her entire family.

"I am a very healthy person, I exercise a lot and eat pretty good. I take care of myself. I honestly thought if I got COVID, it would not be that bad. But no, I had it horribly," she said. "So don't think you're just going to be fine... it is a really tough sickness that you don't want to get."

New episodes of At Home with the Robertsons drop every Monday and Thursday (12 p.m. ET) on Facebook Watch.

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