July 29, 2016 02:20 PM

Just when you thought we’d covered pretty much every form of reality television dating out there, this happens.

Introducing Kiss Bang Love, a new series recently greenlit by FYI that aims to prove just how blind love really is.

How so, you ask? By having its contestants kiss each other while blindfolded to find out if they’re a match.

The network has ordered 10 episodes of the series, which comes from the creators of Married at First Sight, an FYI series that premiered in 2014. Kiss Bang Love will also be hosted by Married at First Sight‘s relationship expert Rachel DeAlto, who will mentor the singles and guide them through their journey to find love, eyes-wide-shut style.

According to Entertainment Weekly, each episode will feature a new dater, female or male, who will be introduced to 10 suitors and eliminate them on a rolling basis based on a blindfolded kiss, some intimate conversation, and “associated sensory perceptions.”

The dater will then take the two best matches on dates before making his or her final decision.

And they’re not just going out on a crazy limb here: The blindfolded format is one that has been successful internationally in countries like Denmark, Australia and Germany, so it looks like there truly is a market for everything.

FYI has not yet set a premiere date for Kiss Bang Love.

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