The former Cheers star owns 14 lemurs and wants a man that loves her furry friends just as much as she does

By Aurelie Corinthios and Lanford Beard
Updated January 12, 2016 04:15 PM
Credit: Walter McBride/WireImage

Kirstie Alley isn’t monkeying around … or maybe she is.

During an appearance on The Meredith Vieira Show Tuesday, Alley, who owns 14 – yes, 14 – lemurs, opened up about how she needs a man that loves her furry friends just as much as she does.

Why lemurs? Well, one, because they’re adorable and, according to the former Cheers star, they’re also extremely safe.

“[Lemurs] are one of the few primates that you can actually bring little kids, anybody in, and they will sit on your lap and you’re safe,” Alley, 65, said. “I need a man who loves the monkeys!”

Alley was previously married to Bob Alley from 1970 77, and Parker Stevenson from 1983 97.

Alley and Stevenson have two children: William True, 23, and Lillie Price, 21.

The actress, who rejoined Jenny Craig as the dieting company’s spokesperson in 2014 and dropped 50 lbs., says nowadays she is “discouraged” by the dating scene.

“I think because – I don’t want you take this the wrong way, men – I think when men get around 45 or 50, they get boring,” she told Vieira. “They should be in their prime. I think that women might sort of take a dip in their early 40s and then I think women resurge. What I want in a man is someone to [take action] – they don’t need to jump out of planes, they need dreams, passion, future.”

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As for whether she would ever consider dating younger men, Alley doesn’t want to “be a cougar.”

“I’d talk about Cheers, and they’ve never seen it. I’m not really for that,” she said.

And in the age of ’90s show reboots, what about a Cheers reunion?

“I think all the actors want to do a reunion show,” Alley said. “I don’t want to do, like, a ‘Very Special Episode of Blossom.’ They’d have to pick up where we left off.”