By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 06:34 PM
Credit: Douglas Mason/Getty

Glee may have won over big wigs like Madonna, Britney Spears and a once-hesitant Coldplay, but it doesn’t sound like the “Use Somebody” rockers Kings of Leon are hopping on the bandwagon.

“We could have sold out so much more,” the four-man band’s bassist Jared Followill told NME magazine, about saying no to Glee.

“We turn stuff down constantly,” he says. “We had some call us up, wanting to know if we’d allow “Use Somebody” to appear in the trailer for their next movie, and we turned them down. Next day, they called back and tried to put is through to the star of the movie – I won’t name names, but he’s an incredibly famous actor I was like, ‘Man, don t even waste your energy.'”

But no hard feelings: Followill says Glee isn t the only TV show the band has rejected.

“We got an offer to appear on an episode of Ugly Betty,” he said. “They wanted us to play ourselves. We were supposed to come in and help her out with some problem or other.”

Gossip Girl is apparently a different story though. The band let the show use three tracks from their most recent album, Only by the Night, in a 2008 episode.

A rep for Fox declined to comment. – Dahvi Shira