Early Monday morning, Kardashian West was bound, gagged and robbed while her bodyguard was out with sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner

After Kim Kardashian West was held at gunpoint and robbed of nearly $11 million worth of jewelry in her Paris hotel room early Monday morning, questions continue to rise surrounding her lack of security and the fate of Kardashian family bodyguard, Pascal Duvier.

“Pascal still works for them,” a source tells PEOPLE of the Spain-born German. “He isn’t irreplaceable though. The family really likes him, but he is not a family member. The new media report isn’t making a difference for the family right now. But Kanye is evaluating his family’s needs. He is ultimately the one who decides what happens with Pascal.”

Although Duvier is still employed by Kardashian West, TMZ reported Wednesday afternoon that the bodyguard deleted all traces of the reality star from his social media accounts as a safety measure. On Sunday, the E! personality posted a picture on Instagram of her with Duvier and the caption, “This guy is always in my shot!” but as of Wednesday, the photo was not deleted on her account.

While five men disguised in police uniforms forcefully entered Kardashian’s room, gagged and bound her, Duvier was with sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner during a night out in Paris.

“It wouldn’t be that strange for Pascal to be dispatched to be with Kourtney or the other family members once Kim was ‘safely’ in her residence,” a source close to the family previously told PEOPLE. “And he regularly provides security for the whole family – not just Kim.”

Though a rep for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star told PEOPLE that “she is badly shaken but physically unharmed,” Kanye West, 39, is now taking drastic measures to increase security for his family.

“Kanye is very angry about what happened,” a source told PEOPLE. “He always loved the apartment and has had it for years. He will obviously be changing the security details from now on. He feels crappy about what Kim had to go through.”

However, a second source close to the family told PEOPLE that it would be very unlikely that the blame be put on Duvier.

“I cannot even remotely imagine Kim or the family is blaming Pascal. He is not only Kim’s security but also security for the family. He’s incredibly professional and takes his job with the family VERY seriously,” the source said. “Kim herself probably presumed things were safe in her room when Pascal was out with the group.”

A third source close to the family also told PEOPLE that the mother of two is not blaming her bodyguard for the incident: “Kim absolutely does not blame Pascal for this. She was the one to tell him to go out with her sisters since she was fine and thought she was safe in the apartment. He’s worked for them for a few years now and is incredibly professional and protective — it’s what the girls and family love about him. They are always his priority and he takes his job so seriously — he’s proud of it.”

After the scary ordeal, a source close to Kardashian told PEOPLE that “she has no plans to work in the near future.”

“Kim is still upset and things are not even close to being back to normal. She has no plans to work in the near future. She just wants to stay home with her kids. She realizes that she has lived in a bubble. She could have never imagined being robbed like this. She is now more worried than ever about protecting the kids. She doesn’t want to let them out of sight.”