The Atlanta Housewife has more energy – and the support of her daughters and "fantastic partner" Kroy Biermann

By Brian Orloff
Updated December 16, 2010 02:30 PM
Robin Nelson/BuzzFoto

On the current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak is working on a new single,”The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing,” and learning dance routines for a tour with costar Kandi Burruss. But off-screen, the tour is wrapped and the reality star is getting ready for the holidays and welcoming her first child with Atlanta Falcons beau Kroy Biermann.

In a phone interview from Atlanta, Zolciak says she’s in her second trimester and is doing well. “It’s just getting through the first few months that are really rough,” Zolciak says. “I do feel awesome now. I have a little bit more energy.”

Here’s what Zolciak, 32, had to say about her pregnancy, engagement rumors and how her daughters, Brielle and Ariana, feel about being sisters anew.

Kim, how did your daughters react to the news?
My older one [Brielle], when I told her, she was like, ‘No,’ because she’s going to be 14 in February. Her first thought was, ‘Oh my gosh. I’m going to lose my taxi driver.’ She’s into her friends. She’s into school. And she’s into herself. And her sister irritates her. So Brielle is like, ‘No, this can’t be happening!’ She jokes around about it because I tell her I’m going to have 10 more [kids]. [Younger daughter] Ariana is super excited, but she’s got that mother hen personality. She takes care of the dog and she’s very nurturing.

Do your daughters get along well with Kroy? Are they excited he’s in the picture?
They are crazy about Kroy. Half the time they go out to dinner and leave me at home, honey. He’s really fantastic with my girls. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner ever.

Have your fellow Housewives reached out?
Well, Kandi knew a long time ago. I told Kandi right around the time I found out. Of course she’s great and excited for me. Sheree has known for a long time, too. She’s cute. She’ll send me text messages [like], “I hope you’re not overdoing it” and “Do you need anything?” I have not spoken to NeNe or Cynthia. Phaedra was really sweet when she found out about it in the press.

We see you and Kroy meet on the show – but will he be back? And how did your relationship start?
There’s not much more that happened other than what you saw … I went over there chasing him around and we ended up exchanging numbers and we texted that night. He texted me and I texted him back, and then we started dating, but I really didn’t tell anybody on the show. I just kind of laid low. Kandi kind of knew a little bit, but I really wasn’t wanting it to be out there. You’ll get to see him at the end [of the season].

Recently there were rumors you were engaged. Do you have anything to share?
No, and I guess they had nothing else to talk about that day. It’s obvious that we’ve been intimate so why would I not want to go and show the world my ring? Do I think I have a future with Kroy? Without a shadow of a doubt. He’s just amazing. I shared baby news. I certainly would be sharing an engagement.