The sisters brawl as the other Beverly Hills Housewives add to the drama on Thursday's explosive season finale

Credit: Bravo

Did anyone see that coming?

Didn’t Thursday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale seem more like an episode of Intervention crossed with an intensely personal family soap opera than any Housewives season finale we’ve ever seen?

This wasn’t a table-flip. Or an uncomfortable group dinner.

At the end of Thursday’s episode, sisters Kim and Kyle Richards seemed to have shredded their relationship during a blowout fight in a limo. At first it seemed that the ladies were sniping at each other about things we’ve seen on camera this season – Kim supposedly not supporting Kyle in her feud with Camille Grammer, for instance – but clearly this cut much deeper.

By the end of the sad, uncomfortable episode, Kyle had screamed at her sister, called her an alcoholic and threatened to revoke any aid – financial, we can assume – that she and her husband, Mauricio, provide. She also said they’d stop covering for Kim amid allegations of alcohol (or worse) abuse.

Kim was left blubbering over the ordeal and all the trouble that transpired. And a note at the end of the show indicated that Kim was checked into rehab by her family – then quickly checked herself out. Earlier in the episode, she provided some backstory, saying that as a working child actor she provided a lot of income for her family, bought Kyle’s first car and bought the family a house.

Later, during her fight with Kyle, Kim shrieked, “You stole my [expletive] house!” What could she have meant?

Adrienne Maloof ministered to Kim during all of this, and she maintained a consistently cool head as she tried to broker peace between the sisters.

The Richards sisters’ drama all played out at Taylor Armstrong’s birthday bash and, despite the happy occasion, Taylor seemed intent on stirring up some drama. She confronted Kim for her behavior and refuted claims that she stirred up commotion between Kyle and Camille in New York, even though flashbacks indicted she wasn’t telling the truth about what she said.

Was Taylor causing drama to be malicious – or did she truly not remember what she said about Camille?

Even Lisa Vanderpump, who up until now has stayed above the fray, entered the squabbling. Earlier, she encouraged Taylor to set the record straight about the New York trip. But did she mean for Taylor to confront Kim at the birthday party? Seems unlikely.

Lisa and her husband Ken also finally addressed their “permanent houseguest” Cedric and told him it was time for him to move on. On camera, things seemed fine – but according to the credits at the end, she and Cedric had an explosive blow-up which the cameras didn’t catch. Guess that will all come out at next week’s reunion?

And, finally, there was Camille. Overwhelmed and distraught by her pending divorce from Kelsey Grammer, Camille stayed home, missing Taylor’s party and all the sisterly drama while trying to mend her own family.

With all the explosions and sad revelations, the Housewives finale almost raised more questions than it answered.