The 50-year-old reality star said she was featured less on the upcoming season because of her prioritization of family over on-screen drama

By Blake Bakkila and Mariah Haas
Updated December 03, 2016 05:50 PM
Vince Flores/Startraks

Kim Richards is opening up about overcoming her struggles and welcoming new challenges in the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Before I started the show, life was really good and then, you know, things happened and it wasn’t,” she told reporters at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7 premiere party at the Sofitel Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, California, on Friday. “And it wasn’t just my relapse that was hard, but I went through a depression as well after that.”

Looking back, Richards said she feels “so happy” now.

“I’m just so grateful to be where I am today, and to be this happy and have life this good and have the relationships that I have … I feel so blessed,” she said. “I feel powerful. I feel so grateful. Honestly. Life is so amazing today. I wake up happy. I go to sleep happy…”

But her happiness has been a long time coming. Richards, 50, who originally entered rehab following her April arrest for public intoxication, decided to leave her Malibu treatment facility for her daughter’s nuptials in May 2015. She checked herself back in two weeks later. The reality star and former child actress also entered rehab back in 2011.

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Now, Richards said she prioritizes her family over everything.

“I was really busy this season with my home, my daughters, my son and my grandchild,” she said, when asked about her presence in the new season. “My focus was really on my family.”

As for drama in the upcoming season, Richards said it’s difficult to avoid.

“Well I really wouldn’t go that far!” she said, when asked if there was less drama in season 7. “I managed to make a little time to get by to say ‘Hi’ to everybody, but I don’t know if I squeezed out leaving out the drama. It wasn’t my doing, but you know, leave it to the [Lisa] Rinna!”


Richards’ sister Kyle, who was also at the premiere, also reiterated how happy the former child star is now.

“She looks great,” Kyle told reporters. “She’s healthy. She’s happy. Her daughter had a baby so I mean we have two new babies in our family who are the cutest things.”

As for that drama that Richards alluded to, Rinna told reporters at the premiere that we’ll all have to watch and see what unfolds.


“Well you have to watch the show and see what goes on,” Rinna said. “It’s complicated you know it’s really complicated, but from the start my goal is to move on and forgive and move through that’s my goal, so you’ll have to watch and see how that plays out.

“You know I lost my father this year in January and that changes your life and it really puts everything in perspective and you’re like you know what life’s too short to deal with this petty b——t and that’s really kind of my through line this season it’s like you know what? I don’t have time,” she continued. “I’m raising two teenage girls. I don’t have time for anything other than positivity and love if we can have it.”