Following her daughter's wedding in Mexico two weeks ago, the reality star has officially checked herself back into rehab

By Christina Dugan
Updated June 03, 2015 01:00 PM
Credit: Michael Larsen/Bravo/NBC/Getty

Kim Richards has checked herself back into a rehab facility two weeks after attending her daughter Brooke’s wedding in Mexico, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 50, who originally entered rehab following her April arrest for public intoxication, decided to leave her Malibu treatment facility for her daughter’s nuptials in May.

“She wouldn’t miss it,” a source close to Richards told PEOPLE before the ceremony. “As of recently, the plan was for her to go back to rehab afterwards.”

Richards has been charged with three misdemeanors following her April arrest: public intoxication, resisting arrest and battery on a cop.

“Kim went to rehab finally because she got arrested, she humiliated her kids and she wants to avoid jail,” a source previously told PEOPLE. “If the arrest hadn’t happened, she wouldn’t be going to rehab; it would be business as usual. She’s in denial that she has a problem.”

In fact, the mom of four admitted to Dr. Phil McGraw in a TV intervention that she does indeed have a problem.

“I am an alcoholic,” Richards said. “I just want to do the right thing, and I want to be the strongest I can be.”

It has been no secret that the reality star has struggled with alcoholism for quite some time.

While caring for her late mother, who passed in 2002, Richards admitted to McGraw that she “started drinking at night.”

“I realized I had started to become a person I didn’t like, and I couldn’t stand the sight of myself,” Richards said.

Though Richards had insisted throughout season 5 of RHOBH that she had been sober for three years, she revealed that she hadn’t been telling the whole truth when it came to her sobriety.

“I did have drinks a couple other times over the past few months. It was wine. I was ashamed to say anything at the reunion, embarrassed,” she told McGraw. “I would have loved to say to the girls, ‘You know what, you’re right,’ but the way they were coming at me, they didn’t make it easy.”

One RHOBH star who has been at Richards’ side through all the drama is Brandi Glanville.

Kim Richards’ Costars Express Their Support Following Her Arrest

“We talked before she left, and she was in a good place,” Glanville said on a recent episode of her podcast. “I’ve texted her since she’s been gone. I haven’t heard back, and I’m just praying for her. She’s not returning my texts, and she always gets back to me.”

Though older sister Kathy Hilton has expressed how “proud” she is of Richards, she is keeping it real when it comes to her sibling’s recovery.

“Kim needs to learn the tools to cope when there is something that’s upsetting,” Hilton told PEOPLE in May. “You have to learn to use the tools to not fall off the wagon.”

With reporting by AILI NAHAS and GABRIELLE OLYA