Kim Kardashian's Ex Ray J Turns to Steve Harvey to Save Tumultuous Relationship with Fiancée Princess Love

A year after her dramatic arrest in New Orleans, Ray J says his relationship with Princess Love is on the mend


A year after her dramatic arrest in New Orleans, Ray J says his relationship with fiancée Princess Love is on the mend.

On Monday, the couple sat down with Steve Harvey on his show to get advice on how to improve and maintain their connection.

“Before I came to talk to you, I had to be ready. And now that I’m ready, it’s 2016, I’m engaged, you know, I just wanted to come talk to you and let you know the positive path I’m on,” Ray J, 35, told Harvey of his 31-year-old bride-to-be. “But also just to get some advice from you on how to maintain this focus and maintain this positive energy.”

Love was arrested in February 2015 and charged with domestic abuse and battery, according to TMZ.

The Love & Hip Hop star told Harvey the incident was a “climax of everything that had happened the past four years, you know, the constant cheating, the lying, finding condoms in suitcases, hashtagging his name when I can’t find him, and girls saying they’re with him.”

She went on to explain that she’d “overreacted” during the Valentine’s Day altercation.

“He never came back to the hotel room, he got another room. I called downstairs and tried to find out what room he’s in,” Love shared while fighting back tears. “They said, ‘We can’t give you the room number but we can tell you what floor he’s on.’ I went to the fifth floor and knocked on every door on that floor. Someone called the police. I was throwing things, I was livid. I would not talk to the police because they were very rude to me, so they ended up taking me.”

Love said she struggled to forgive the “Sexy Can I” singer for the entire ordeal, but a conversation with Ray J’s mother changed her mind.

“She said, ‘You know, if you want to be together for as long as Ray’s father and I have been together, you don’t give up. You don’t just walk away, ‘ ” she said. “So, I thought I needed to hang in there just a little bit longer. I know that what I was seeing, that wasn’t him.”

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Ray J, who infamously dated and starred in a sex tape with Kim Kardashian West, said that, eventually, tough love got through to him.

“I feel bad about what I did,” he said after telling Harvey, “I want her to be able to trust me 1000 percent.”

Added Love, “I feel like he is my soulmate, that’s why I’ve always fought so hard to make him understand, like, ‘Look, I love you, what does it have to take for you to realize that?’ ”

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