Cheryl Burke: Rob Isn't Letting Kim's Divorce Distract Him on 'Dancing'

Cheryl Burke: Rob Isn't Letting Kim's Divorce Distract Him on Dancing

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Despite recent news in Rob [Kardashian]’s family, he remains really focused on the competition. He’s been acting the same, and I think he just really wants to do well in this. His family continues to support him, and I’m pretty sure most of them will be in the audience for Monday night’s show.

He’s not really nervous about the end of the competition, but he just really wants to make it to the finals. It’s already week 8. He’s doing everything in his power to stay in this. I really can’t believe there are only two weeks left

This week, we’re doing the Quickstep and the Insta-Jive. We did the jive in week 2, and that was kind of Rob’s breakthrough dance, but it’ll be interesting, because we don’t get our music until three minutes before we actually dance it.

But the good thing with Rob is that he’s pretty musical, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for him to pick up the tune quickly.

I think he’ll do well as long as he brings the energy – and it really comes through in his personality that he’s having fun and stuff like that. I think the whole personality thing has been a challenge for Rob on the show. He’s such a great guy with a fun sense of humor, but I think he needs to ham it up a little bit more on TV.

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