"I've gotten a lot of hate, so I'm just going to stick up for what I believe in and what I want," the star said

By Aurelie Corinthios
November 10, 2016 11:57 AM

Kim Kardashian West is standing up for what she believes in — no matter what backlash she might receive.

In a sneak peek at Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the reality star sits down with two of her sisters, Khloé and Kendall Jenner, to discuss the potential of them teaming up with her in the fight to end gun violence, something Kim, 36, has long been vocal about.

“Khloé was telling me that you really wanted to get involved in something,” Kim says to Jenner, 21. “I work with this organization Everytown, and I set up a lunch with some gun violence victims — some family members that have been affected that I think would really love to meet you guys, because they really do appreciate people like us speaking out.”

Kim explains that she’s been working with Everytown to fight to change gun control laws: “There are so many loopholes in the system, and I just feel really passionately [that it has] to change.”

“You guys should meet with them and see what they’re all about and see if it’s something that fits for you,” she urges her sisters.

While Khloé, 32, says she’s “down for it,” Jenner hesitates.

“I want to do this and I want to be a part of it, but it just makes me nervous,” she admits. “Like, what people are going to think of it — you don’t know who’s actually going to be for it and who’s not.”

Kim acknowledges that “you can get a lot of backlash” for speaking out about such a polarizing issue, which is why many don’t get involved — but that she’s not letting that stop her.

“I feel like in life, I’ve gotten a lot of backlash and I’ve gotten a lot of hate, so I’m just going to stick up for what I believe in and what I want,” says Kim.

Jenner, however, isn’t convinced.

“It’s kind of difficult because I know that we are public figures, and seeing how controversial it could be to speak out about something you’re passionate about … I just think I don’t want the attention of someone not agreeing with what I’m saying to take away from the fact that there’s actual gun issues that need to be handled,” says Jenner. “It might bring more harm than good.”

“It’s something that you believe in so you have to be confident in it and go for it, but at the same time … like, I don’t know,” she adds.

The clip, which was filmed some time ago, carries even more weight now: Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris a little over one month ago and had millions of dollars worth of jewelry stolen from her by masked men at the No Address Hotel.

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Though she was unharmed, the traumatic incident rocked the mother of two, and Kim has maintained an extremely low profile ever since.

On Wednesday, a source told PEOPLE Kim “has enjoyed the much-needed hiatus from her usual whirlwind pace.”

“She’s been spending so much more time with the kids, taking them to school and classes,” said the insider of the star and her two kids: daughter North, 3, and son Saint, 11 months.

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