Asks Kardashian West's frazzled momager: "Whoa, can we just slow down and have number two?"

Credit: Jeff Vespa/Getty

Like mother like daughter? Not so fast, Kim Kardashian West!

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the 35-year-old reveals to a shocked Kris Jenner that she’s planning to follow in her momager‘s footsteps by expanding her family yet further.

North‘s mom paves her way to this bombshell by discussing her weight gain during her second pregnancy.

Admitting she’s already gained 25 lbs. despite being “only halfway there” to her due date, Kardashian West notes she’s not worried about bouncing back into shape after her son is born (just like she did after North’s 2013 birth) but that she’s “just thinking about number three” and how another child will affect her figure.

Asks an astonished Jenner: “Number three? Whoa, can we just slow down and have number two?”

Given that Kardashian West has claimed pregnancy is "the worst experience of my life," her mother has ample cause for concern. But it’s also no surprise that Kardashian West would want a big brood given the famously sizable family in which she was raised.

Kim even marked mom-of-five Jenner’s recent 60th birthday with a sweet Instagram post, writing, “Now that I’m a mom I have realized how hard your job is & no one does it better than you!”

Meanwhile, another clip from Sunday’s episode reveals that the number of children Kardashian West will have isn’t the only bone of contention between the two women.

As Kardashian West prepares to move back into Jenner’s home with North, 2, and husband Kanye, 38, Jenner lays down the law during a lunch with boyfriend Corey Gamble, 35.

Before getting into details about where her daughter’s newest baby will stay once he’s home from the hospital, Jenner makes it clear that her first priority involves her primping space, saying, “We have to minimize the amount of human beings in my bathroom every morning.”

The glamazon matriarch adds in an interview: “Mi casa es su casa, Kim, but there are definitely some boundaries.”

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