Kim Kardashian West opens up about how she keeps herself and her family safe since the Paris robbery


Kim Kardashian West has learned a thing or two about staying safe since her harrowing Paris robbery.

In a candid interview with Wealthsimple, the mother of three opens up about the steps she now takes to protect herself and her family — and what she does differently — ever since she was tied up and robbed at gunpoint during a visit to Paris in October 2016.

“It’s just what I have to do to make me feel safe or make me able to sleep at night,” Kardashian West, 37, tells the outlet. “And I think that had to happen after what happened in Paris.”

During the terrifying ordeal, thieves made off with as much as $11 million in jewelry, including Kardashian West’s $4.5 million emerald cut diamond engagement ring.

Vowing to do everything she can to keep herself and her family safe, the reality star is now much more private about her personal life.

“I think I really attribute that experience that I had in Paris to helping me shut down and completely not worry about the digital world and live in the moment and at home and with my kids and my family and my husband,” she says.

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She also keeps her comings and goings to herself — until after the fact.

“I never say my whereabouts,” she says. “And if I do, I make sure there is tons of security outside. I will do something, save it, and then post it when I leave.”

And while she fell in love with the glittering, 20-carat, emerald cut Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring hubby Kanye West gave her (who wouldn’t?), she now admits she shouldn’t have dished about it on social media.

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“When you get engaged, you want to post the photo of your ring,” she says. “I mean, that’s natural, no matter what size ring, where it comes from. Everyone does that.”

Security at home is paramount, she says.

“At home I have multiple security people,” she says. “I need someone on every edge of my property. I live in a gated community, and I have them right at my gate. Someone came in yesterday, a friend, and was like, “Do you always have security standing outside your door? Because you never did before.” And I was like, “Yeah — 24/7.”

Trips are no different. “I travel with a couple of security people and my nanny,” she says.

In January 2017, French police charged 10 people in connection with the robbery. Several weeks later, French newspaper Le Monde released excerpts of police testimony with suspect Aomar Ait Kihedach, the mastermind who allegedly confessed to the crime. He allegedly told investigators that almost all of the pieces they allegedly stole were taken apart, melted down and sold in Antwerp.

Kardashian West’s 20-carat emerald cut diamond ring was still intact, he told authorities. “There is a person who has it … Everyone was afraid to sell, because it’s a stone that’s very easily spotted,” he said.