The reality star talked about her son, sister Kylie's makeup line and her new favorite hairstyle

By Andrea Park
Updated December 02, 2020 12:47 AM
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

We might not be getting another glimpse of Saint West anytime soon, but rest assured that he is “so cute.”

In a livestream on her app and website Friday, Kim Kardashian West talked to baby “Sainty,” who is being held off-camera by her brother Rob.

“You wanna talk on my livestream?” the reality star, 35, asks her newborn son, who responds with a few gurgles. “He’s so cute, you guys, you have no idea.”

Later in the video, she and a still offscreen Rob discussed Saint’s cuteness. Kardashian West asked her brother, “He looks kinda like just like me, don’t you think?” before laughing and joking with her fans that “he’s so cute – he looks just like me!”

“Jk, jk, guys,” she added.

Also during the livestream, Kardashian West opened a package from younger sister Kylie Jenner to reveal all six of Kylie’s “Lip Kit” liquid lipsticks – which, when mom Kris Jenner makes an appearance in the livestream shortly after, are revealed to have sold out in 28 minutes earlier that day. After noticing two of the lipstick shades are named after sister Khloé and grandma Mary Jo, Kardashian West poses an important question to her fans.

“Should I be offended that I didn’t get a name?” she asked, before admitting that “Grandma definitely deserved one.”

Kardashian West also discussed her favorite new go-to hairstyle – her long French braids.

“It first started when I just wanted to not put any heat on my hair, nothing, and just like really braid my hair up and let it, let my hair just kinda breathe from all of the blow-drying and stuff like that, and then I really liked it,” she says, adding, “It makes my face look skinny since nothing else really looks that skinny yet.”