Kim and Kanye Are Flying Private ... but with Strangers – Find Out How 'You' Can Get in on That Action

"Both Kanye and Kim were pleasant partners on a private plane," fellow passenger Mazen Dayem tells PEOPLE

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The friendly skies are getting fuller by the day.

When Mazen Dayem boarded one of JetSmarter‘s carpool-style private plane on Tuesday night, he was surprised to find West and Kim Kardashian West among the handful of people in the cabin.

“Mr. and Mrs. West appeared to be a charming, pleasant, very happy couple,” Dayem tells PEOPLE. “I found them to be very down-to-earth, smart, approachable – but yes, it was definitely cool to fly with them.”

While Kardashian West, 35, slept through the trip from New York to Los Angeles, the two men discussed their love for watches.

Dayem reveals he and West, 38, “spoke for a little while about cars, the soaring price of real estate in both New York and Los Angeles and more.”

Dayem, who admits that he forks over about $9,000 a year on the jet service, says that the rapper was “a complete gentlemen.”

“Kim and Kanye talked fondly about their trip to Cuba,” Dayem adds. “They were affectionate to one another and clearly are in love.”

After he spoke one-on-one with West for close to an hour, Dayem reports that the Yeezy designer is a “creative genius who worked on art throughout the flight and was so consumed and proud of what he does.”

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