"I know I always say 'my BFF,' and I definitely have lots of them but Allison and I go way, way back," reveals Kardashian West

Credit: Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Bible: Allison Statter is Kim Kardashian West‘s best friend.

“I know I always say ‘my BFF,’ and I definitely have lots of them but Allison and I go way, way back,” Kardashian West reveals in a new “Inner Circle” video on her website and app.

Allison Statter is definitely a recognizable face – the blonde has been by Kardashian West’s side since elementary school (her mom and Kris Jenner are also besties), and she’s popped up at everything from the reality star’s baby shower to her 2013 engagement.

“I don’t know life without Kim,” Statter says to Kardashian West in the clip, adding, “You’ve just been such an amazing sister to me. It’s also just really comforting and really nice to be on the same path in life too. We had our kids at the same time, were like married with kids at the same time. … It’s rare and it’s unique and I just feel so blessed that we have each other.”

While Statter is a little “social media shy” (Kardashian West’s words), here’s everything we could wrangle up about the import K Krew member.

1. She used to rule the roost.

These days, Kardashian West is a total mogul, running her own empire with ease. Back in the day, however, Statter was the top dog.

“In elementary school you were so bossy,” Kardashian West says of Statter in the new video. “You were in a different school district, and I introduced you to, like, Ashley and all those girls. And you just, like, came in and took over, and you were so bossy.”

She also had better lunches than Kardashian West: “I always loved my best friend Allison’s lunch because she always got lots of Cheetos and Oreos.”

She added to [LINK” “” “” “0” ] last year, “I was always stuck with really healthy food. I always begged her for some of her lunch.”

2. Her father is one of the biggest, behind-the-scene players in the music world.

Kardashian West isn’t Statter’s first connection to the celebrity world. Statter’s father is music industry executive Irving Azoff, who’s managed everyone from Christina Aguilera and Journey to the Eagles. Azoff was once the CEO of Ticketmaster and served as chairman for Live Nation.

3. She’s Kim’s go-to confidante.

“Allison is like the first person that I would call if there was like a huge family drama,” Kardashian West shares in the women’s sit-down. “Like, before anyone.”

Added Statter, “And I would do the same. We’re basically as close as you get to sisters without having blood.”

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4. She doesn’t see Kim as her "famous friend."

“To me, Kim is just Kim,” Statter says. “So I don’t look at her and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, my famous friend Kim.’ Like, I can honestly say that you have not changed.”

Statter explains that she didn’t have an “Holy s—, she’s really famous” moment until Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to son Mason and new moms were leaving their rooms at the hospital to see Kardashian West.

5. She’s good at keeping secrets.

While Statter teases that she knows “a lot” of secrets about Kardashian West, she insists she would never “tell any of them.”

“People ask me all the time. They’ll ask me specific things about [Kim].”

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