Kim Kardashian West stood by on Saturday night as Kanye West delivered a lengthy speech about his support of PresidentĀ Donald Trump
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Kim Kardashian West didn’t seem fazed by husband Kanye West‘s behavior at Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

Kardashian West stood by on Saturday night as West delivered a lengthy speech about his support of President Donald Trump.d.

“While Kanye talked Kim just stood in the back and watched. The kids were there, too,” a source tells PEOPLE.

And despite numerous boos from the crowd as West spoke, his wife didn’t appear to be bothered by his controversial statements.

“She didn’t seem like anything, she was just watching,” adds the source. “Trump’s been good to them so it seems they do really love him, even Kim. They all hung out for a bit afterward.”

The “Wouldn’t Leave” rapper, 41, wrapped up the season premiere of SNL with a third musical performance that ended with the unexpected speech.

Kanye West
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He started off by singing, “I wanna cry right now. Black man in America, you’re supposed to keep what you feel inside right now. And the liberals bully you and tell you what you can and cannot wear, where you and they can’t not stare. And they look at me and say, ‘It’s not fair. How the hell did you get here?’ Well…”

Wearing a Make America Great Again hat, he then delivered the speech in front of SNL performers like Colin Jost and host Adam Driver as some audience members booed.

“Actually, blacks weren’t always Democrats,” he started. “It’s like a plan they did to take the fathers out the homes and promote welfare. Does anybody know about that? That’s the Democratic plan.”

West, who replaced Ariana Grande as the musical guest after she had to drop out, said, “It’s so many times that I talk to a white person about this, and they say, ‘How could you support Trump? He’s racist.’ Well if I was concerned about racism, I would have moved out of America a long time ago. We don’t just make our decisions off of racism. I’ma break it down to you right now: If someone inspires me and I connect with them, I don’t have to believe in all they policies.”

The speech did not make it to air on Saturday night.

The Kardashian crew was out in full force in Studio 8H: Kardashian West and daughter North, 5, danced along to his performances during the show, and Kourtney Kardashian, 39, and Scott Disick, 35, also attended the SNL premiere.

Chris Rock recorded West’s speech from the audience on his Instagram Story and seemed to whisper at one point, “My God.”

“But this man is a builder,” West said of Trump. “And when I said I’m running in 2020, all my smart friends talked so much s— about me. And when I saw that man win, I said, ‘See, I told you. I could have been there.’”

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In response, an audience member yelled, “F— Trump.” West replied, “Now you got a situation where we need to have a dialogue and not a diatribe because if you want something to change, it’s not going to change by saying, ‘F— that person.’ Try love. Try love. Try love. Try love.”

On Sunday, West said he enjoyed his time appearing on the show, tweeting, “had so much fun at SNL. Lorne [Michaels] agreed that I would host before the year is out. Need to set a date. Gonna be sooooooooo lit. In the words of Lil Pump …Esskeetit !”

West’s affection for Trump is well-known: He has stepped out in red MAGA hats before and called Trump “my brother” in a tweet in April.