Don't be a "handbag ho," ladies
Kardashian family
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If you’ve ever watched an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and found yourself wondering why everyone keeps shouting “Bible!” at one another, then you’re probably in need of a little KarJenner vocab refresher.

Fortunately, the sisters regularly take to their website and apps to share specially curated lists of their favorite family slang. So without further ado, here’s a deep dive into the language of America’s reality television royalty.

For the KarJenners, the word “facts,” unsurprisingly, means expressing “the truth, the real deal, what really happened,” explains Kim.

Plus, Kanye West released a song by this name in 2016, which Kim says was “inspired to illuminate certain truths to the world.” #JustKanyeThings.

We’re pretty sure NeNe Leakes started this one, but in case you were wondering, here’s how Kim defines it: “Essentially meaningless, a ‘bloop’ is a space filler that can be used at any time, for any reason.”

Turbo thot
For the uninitiated, “thot” is an acronym for “that ho over there” and according to Kim, a turbo thot “is an individual who is particularly fast, in the colloquial and sexual sense of the word.”

Still confused? Here’s how Kim would use it in a sentence: “That girl is such a turbo thot; she’s literally hooked up with every guy I know.”

Well then … the more you know.

Wave, wavy
Remember when Kanye almost named his album Waves and ignited one of the most epic Twitter feuds of 2016?

Well, he may have eventually settled for The Life of Pablo, but according to the KarJenners, that doesn’t mean they can’t incorporate the word into their daily vocab.

According to Kim, a wave is “the current trend, what’s cool right now; what all the cool kids are super into at the moment,” so there you have it.

A favorite regularly used by Kylie Jenner, Kim clarifies that “sus” means someone who is “acting shady as f—,” basically. It’s short for “suspect” or “suspicious.”

Vibes consist of “the general feelings that someone or something gives you,” explains Kim. “A vibe is not concrete, but rather a mood you feel from other people and your surroundings.”

Deep, Kim.

Things you might refer to as snatched: your waist, your eyebrows, your general aesthetic — basically this is a term referring to good looks and overall “fierceness,” says Kim. Take notes, ladies.

This one is a point of contention. While Kim listed “turnt” amongst her favorites (“not to be confused with ‘lit,’ ‘turnt’ is used to describe the atmosphere of a party, event or group of individuals,” she explains), sister Khloé Kardashian isn’t such a fan: “never liked this one,” she wrote on her own app.

Gives me life
This one’s pretty obvious — “to make one excited; to give one a reason to live,” Khloé explains.

What gives Khloé life, you might ask? Her “long nails,” obviously — this is a Kardashian we’re talking about, after all.

Originating from the fact that we swear on the Bible in court, crying out the word “Bible!” has become a KarJenner klassic when it comes to expressing something you really mean.

A memorable recent appearance? On an episode of KUWTK last season, when Kendall Jenner put brother Rob Kardashian on blast for regifting the iPad she bought him to Blac Chyna.

Bible — I want my iPad, my pen and my keyboard back,” she warned. She ain’t messing around, Rob.

A combination of the words “slut” and “whore.”

“Take a chill pill, you slore,” — a sentence once uttered by Khloé, really.

When your mom is also your manager, à la Kris Jenner.

Damn, Gina
Originating from the ’90s sitcom Martin, “Damn, Gina!” is used regularly by Khloé to express shock and awe, in a good way — like, “Damn, Gina, you are looking fine!” (Fun fact: Khloé has at least one celebrity superfan who “Damn, Gina”-ed her right back: Sophia Bush.)

Handbag Ho
“A handbag ho is a girl who hooks up with a guy so they will buy them an expensive handbag,” explains Khloé. “Don’t f—ing be thirsty, honey! Real love and hard work — over everything.”

Jane and Suzanne
If you’re an avid watcher of Khloé and Kourtney‘s Snapchat sagas at the gym, you’re probably used to watching the two of them mysteriously refer to each other as Jane and Suzanne. As for where that inspiration comes from? ’80s workout gurus Jane Fonda and Suzanne Somers.

“I’m not sure how we decided who was whom but Kourtney’s Jane Fonda and I’m Suzanne Somers,” says Khloé. “We came up with this when we started working out together because we felt like fitness gurus in our own right.”

Abigail and Amelia
Another Khloé/Kourtney inside joke: Abigail and Amelia are the two geese in The Aristocats.

Tawanda and Yolanda
Whenever Khloé was in her “Yolo” phase, she and her friends and would call each other Tawanda and Yolanda. We won’t ask, and neither should you.

We’re not quite sure how to explain this one, to be honest, but Khloé always says it on Snapchat. We’re thinking it’s a combination of the words “okay,” “sure,” but stay tuned for further research.

Study up when Keeping Up with the Kardashians returns, this March on E!