"It could be time for like, a fashion overhaul so that you stay young and relevant," Kim Kardashian tells her sisters

By Natalie Stone
October 05, 2018 10:00 AM

Kim Kardashian West is dishing out some harsh style advice to her sisters.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim, 37, tells Kourtney, 39, and Khloé, 34, that she’s “gotta be real” about their international fashion choices during their sisters trip to Japan at the end of February.

“You guys, you look like f—ing clowns. I’m not f—ing kidding,” says Kim, who is sporting neon pink hair. “This is not a tourist thing where it’s like, Halloween, dress up like a f—ing Japanese geisha, unless we’re at a geisha house.”

Kourtney, on the other hand, disagrees and argues that her outfit from the night before “was fun for Japan.”

From Kim’s perspective, Kourtney missed the mark and her outfit “would have been great” had she made a few changes to her overall look: “If you didn’t have f—ing blue eye shadow,” says Kim.

Credit: Kourtney Kardashian Instagram

The Kimoji creator then suggests that her two sisters tell their glam squad to tone down the multiple color choices.

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“Everyone just thinks, ‘Oh my God, we’re in Japan! Everyone go full Japan!’ ” says Kim. “And probably the people that live here make fun of people like that and I literally am like, cropping myself out of turquoise, yellow. Like, I just think you gotta chill.”

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian
| Credit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Although Kourtney and Khloé don’t seem to agree, Kim can’t help herself: “You can be cooler,” she tells them.

“I’m not telling you guys who to be or what to wear or anything — but I’m telling you who to be and what to wear,” she adds with a laugh. “It could be time for like, a fashion overhaul so that you stay young and relevant.”

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