Kim Kardashian Went Out to Eat with Daughter North and Sat Her at a Different Table — Here's Why

Kim Kardashian West may live her life out on camera, but that doesn't mean her kids always have to

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Kim Kardashian West may live her life out on camera, but that doesn’t mean her kids always have to.

Over the weekend, the mother of three dined at Carpaccio, a high-end Italian restaurant in the Bal Harbour area of Miami. She was joined by pals Jonathan Cheban and Larsa Pippen, as well as her 5-year-old daughter North West.

According to onlooker Sara Liss, the three adults sat together while North sat at a table nearby with her nanny, coming over to talk to her mom here and there but mostly engrossed in her iPad.

So why was North seated separately? According to a source, when the family goes out to eat while filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the kids are sometimes seated at a different table to keep them off-camera — which was the case this time.

“Kim was filming and North expressed that she didn’t want to be on camera, so she sat at a table next to Kim,” the source tells PEOPLE.

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As North grows up, her mom and dad Kanye West — who are also parents to daughter Chicago, 6 months, and son Saint, 2½ — have been learning to field some of the tougher questions from their oldest child.

During a recent radio interview with Big Boy on Real 92.3, Kardashian West, 37, recalled the time North asked, “Mom, why are you famous?”

“Oh, okay, okay. I’m going to have to explain this right now,” Kardashian West said of her daughter’s inquiry. But she was quick to answer North’s question.

“I’m like, ‘We have a TV show.’ And she was like, ‘Oh, okay,’ ” she revealed. “That was the first time she was like, ‘Oh!’ ”

In another interview, Kardashian West acknowledged that her level of fame is “pretty intense” but added that “at home I’m not known.”

“My kids have no clue what’s going on,” she told ITV’s This Morning. “So I don’t really feel it — I spend most of my time at home.”

During the 10th anniversary special of Keeping Up with the Kardashians last year, Kardashian West and her family opened up about allowing their significant others and children to appear on camera, with Kourtney Kardashian, 39, noting that “the boundaries are always changing.”

“We’ll definitely go through moments where we’re like, ‘Cut the kids way back,’ ” she explained.

“It’s funny now that Mason is getting older,” said Khloé Kardashian, 34, of Kourtney and Scott Disick‘s 8-year-old son. “He knows. He doesn’t watch it, but I’ve heard him talk to his friends and say, ‘I’m on a TV show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ I’m like, how does he know that?!”

“Mason calls [the crew] the filmers,” said Kourtney. “He used to be like, ‘Are the filmers coming? I want to show them my Legos that I’m building.’ Now he’s in a phase where he’s like, ‘I don’t like when the filmers are over.’ ”

Kardashian West said appearing on KUWTK is “such a personal choice.”

“You can fall in love with someone, and it’s not their job to be on our show,” she said. “Kanye respects what I do and sometimes he’s on, if he happens to be there, or will let us film if we’re at a concert. At first we were like, ‘Our kids will never be on, my daughter is not going to be on.’ But she’s always around me and she’s so cute, so I just want people to see [that] a little bit. It’s never a story revolving [around] them or about them or anything too personal. We know that we signed up for this, but our kids did not.”

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