Kim Kardashian Lyft Partnership to Help 5,000 Soon-to-Be Released Inmates with Job Search: Report

The star announced her partnership with the ride-sharing company last week in a press conference at the White House

Kim Kardashian West is already making strides in her fight to give inmates released from prison a second chance.

According to TMZ, over 5,000 soon-to-be freed prisoners will receive rides from Lyft to job interviews, a cause Kardashian West, 38, spoke about during her visit to the White House last week.

A source also told the outlet that the Keeping up with the Kardashians star, who is in partnership with #cut50, a prison reform initiative, has “worked tirelessly on both federal and local levels to ensure inmates will be provided housing and employment opportunities.”

PEOPLE has reached out to #cut50 and Lyft for comment.

Kardashian West announced her partnership with the ride-sharing company at the White House last Thursday, standing beside President Donald Trump as she spoke to an audience that included Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, whom she mentioned in assisting her criminal justice efforts.

Kim Kardashian white house
Kim Kardashian white house
Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian West.

“My whole journey with criminal justice reform started about a year ago when I came to see the president after speaking to Ivanka and Jared, who really fought for me to get here,” she said. “And I pled the case of Alice Johnson, who the president granted clemency to. After that, I really spent so much time going to different prisons because I really had no connection to anybody on the inside and really just felt like for me, I’m at the place in my life that I wanted to make a difference and just wanted to do the right thing, but I didn’t know how or what to do or even really what was going on.”

Kardashian went on to explain that her interest to pursue law was sparked from her criminal justice efforts.

“While I have been able to offer support to some of the individuals I have met, the obstacles to success are an everyday struggle for thousands and more needs to be done,” she said. “Today, I’m honored to be a part of the announcement that the administration and the private sector are stepping up to create opportunities for these men and women to succeed once home.”

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The mother of four has been focusing much of her time recently on advocating for prison reform and working with CNN commentator Van Jones and attorney Jessica Jackson, co-founders of #cut50.

As part of her work with the group, Kardashian West has been visiting prisons, petitioning governors, and attending meetings at the White House. Last year, the reality star successfully petitioned the president to commute the life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, a nonviolent drug offender.

Kardashian West, who has begun a four-year apprenticeship with a law firm, has hopes of taking the bar in 2022 and making prison reform her main focus.

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