Turns Out Kim Kardashian West's New Emoji App Can Be Used in 'All' Situations

Why use words when Kim's emojis can do the talking for you?

Photo: Gisela Schober/Getty

Kim Kardashian West is continuing to take over the world one selfie (emoticon) at a time.

That’s right – the reality star-turned-entrepreneur has just created a customized collection of emojis – aptly titled Kimoji – that includes more than 250 food, beauty and pop culture-related images that the mother of two has been working on with a design team for the past two years. (Think: Kim’s scantily clad booty and penchant for selfies.)

More importantly, however, is the question plaguing every avid emoji user: “Is there a good time to ever use Kim’s butt emoji?” Why yes, yes of course. In fact, the Kimoji app is appropriate to use in most – if not all – situations, and will probably, most likely, definitely eradicate any remaining in-person interaction. Because no somber soliloquy quite trumps sending an actual emoji of Kim’s epic crying face (not even the Oxford Dictionary’s pick for 2015 Word of the Year).

Take a peek at a handful of the star’s newly released emojis below, and find our recommendations for sending out these gems – like when announcing your food baby to the world or sharing your proposal for what should be considered the new “hair flip.”

The Contouring Emoticon

When to Use: When describing what goes into really looking fresh for a GNO to your clueless boyfriend; when admitting how you’re actually spending your Saturday night (binge-watching and trying Kardashian makeup tutorials)

The ‘Basic’ Emoticon

When to Use: When your friend’s “Netflix and chill” excuse becomes the norm; when you catch yourself at Starbucks twice in one day and just have to ‘gram it to let the world know your level of self-awareness; when you finally get fed up with your S.O.’s over-usage of “tho” and “got me like”

The Butt Emoticon

When to Use: When “talk to the hand” just sounds too elementary; when you’re itching for a new text greeting that evokes sass and charm; when you’re feeling The Weeknd’s new single and the red dress-wearing dancer emoji doesn’t do your excitement justice

The Mani Emoticon

When to Use: To alert your S.O. of upcoming BFF bonding time (that may or may not also include an hours-long marathon of Vanderpump Rules); when “hair flip” just feels stale; to alert your friends, family and acquaintances about your latest nail alert ‘gram that is in dire need of some love

The ‘Married’ Jacket Emoticon

When to Use: To send to your BFF after you and your crush make unexpected, meaningful eye contact; when the world is graced with a selfie of David Beckham a.k.a. your first imaginary husband; to swap #relationshipgoals

The Waist Training Emoticon

When to Use: To send your suspected Secret Santa in case he or she had any doubts about your fascination/obsession with waist trainers/the Kardashian-Jenners

The Cry-Face Emoticon

When to Use: when Star Wars: The Force Awakens is sold out yet again; to illustrate your sadness about the dime-size amount of guac in your monstrous burrito; when your crush accidentally brushes your hand and you realize he’s not actually proposing

The Preggo Emoticon

When to Use: When one too many cupcakes have left you with the most impressive of food babies; to subtly make a jab at everyone’s endless Facebook baby announcements (since your idea of adulting is paying bills online in your cat onesie)

The Selfie Emoticon

When to Use: When you’re wondering if your fifth selfie of the day is too much (answer: WWKD – What Would Kim Do?)

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