"I did not sleep last night. I totally freaked out," she tells sister Kourtney and mother Kris Jenner about having a flashback from the robbery

March 22, 2017 09:29 PM

Kim Kardashian West is having flashbacks from her terrifying Paris robbery that occurred almost six months ago.

During Paris Fashion Week last fall, Kim was alone in her No Address Hotel around 3 a.m. room when five masked men held her at gunpoint and bound, gagged and robbed the reality star of millions of dollars worth of jewels.

In an E! clip of Sunday’s upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the mother of two recalls being home one night and in bed with her 3-year-old daughter, North, when she heard someone’s footsteps ascend up the stairs of her home, which took her back to the Oct. 3 heist.

“I did not sleep last night. I totally freaked out,” she tells sister Kourtney and mother Kris Jenner in the clip.

“Kanye came home — he had a concert. He always comes up the back stairs, like I always know he comes out the stairs that go into my room,” she explains.

But on that specific night, Kanye instead chose to walk up the front stairs of their home, which sent her into a panic.

“All I heard was his feet stomping up the stairs,” Kim, 36, explains. “At three in the morning he came in, and that’s the same time the robbery happened. After a concert, he can’t hear that well.”

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“I’m going, ‘Hello? Hello?’ like exactly what I did. He’s not responding to me because he can’t hear me,” she explains. “So I started crying and I’m freaking out in bed and North fell asleep with me, so I’m grabbing her. I’m like, ‘Hello?! Hello?!’ and he’s not answering me.”

Eventually, Kanye walked into the couple’s bedroom and she told him that they’ve “got to come up with a plan” for when he comes home late at night.

Though the KUWTK star has returned to the public eye since the robbery, a source close to Kim told PEOPLE that she “is still vulnerable and cries about the robbery.”

“Kim has come a long way from the robbery but that said, it’s a daily struggle to move past it and she probably never will be past it entirely,” a second source said.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on E!

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