Khloé Kardashian Got Tips from Kim After 'The X Factor' Debut

Her big sister advised the co-host not to yell when she speaks into the mic

Photo: Dowling/PictureGroup

Hours before her big debut Wednesday as co-host of The X Factor, Khloé Kardashian wasn’t thinking about X so much as “Why?”

Nerves took over, and suddenly she was freaking out – big time. Then came the show. And afterwards, came advice.

“My sisters have already texted me tips, which I love,” Kardashian, 28, told reporters after Thursday’s show. “I love constructive criticism. I’ve never done this before, so I just think I can only get better – hopefully.”

What she noticed during the broadcast was that in the audience “everyone’s screaming, so in my head I want to talk so the audience can hear me. But, really, you’re talking into the mic, so the viewers can hear you [and] I don’t need to yell.”

Because she did amp up her voice, “my sister Kim was like, ‘You did amazing, but don’t yell so much!’ ”

Khloé admits Kim was right. “I did notice at some points, I was like, ‘Why did I just yell?’ ”

With the first week behind her, Kardashian is ready to assess her performance. “I’m going to re-watch what I did and learn from it,” she says, “and critique what I did. Now that I understand everything, I think next week can only get better.

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