Kardashian West insists she "only added a filter" after being accused of suffering a "Photoshop fail"

By Aurelie Corinthios
March 27, 2018 01:07 PM

Kim Kardashian West is setting the record straight.

On Saturday, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star posted a paparazzi photo of herself that sparked a flurry of rumors speculating she had Photoshopped the image, largely due to the distorted car behind her.

Kardashian, 37, has since turned off the option to comment on the photo and on Monday, she dedicated a post on her website and app to clearing things up.

“I’m seeing online and on news media outlets that I suffered a ‘Photoshop fail.’ So ridiculous!” she wrote. “I reposted a picture on Instagram that a fan had already posted — I only added a filter to it. It looks like the fan mirrored the photo, which is the reason the car looks like that. So, this is actually really funny to me! Who would even Photoshop a car to look like that?! LOL.”

She also posted the fan’s mirrored photo on her site, which does indeed explain the skewed car.

The original image

It’s not the first time Kardashian West has encountered some paparazzi photo drama: On an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians last fall, the mother of three broke down after a set of bikini photos of her on vacation in Mexico surfaced in the media, which she said led her to develop “body dysmorphia.”

“I saw these awful photos of myself when I was on a trip in Mexico, and people were Photoshopping them and sharpening them,” she later explained on The View.

“I mean, I definitely was not in my best shape,” she added. “I hadn’t worked out in 12 weeks. I had two surgeries on my uterus … I was already not feeling like myself, and then when people were sharpening them and making them look way worse and then those were going around, I was like, ‘Okay. I’m going to get it together.’ “