Titled You Kiddin' Me, the series, executive produced by Kim Kardashian West, will run for 10 episodes on the Facebook Watch video platform

Kim Kardashian West is all about family.

We’ve always known that thanks to the close bond she shares with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, as well as all of their antics we see showcased on Keeping up with the Kardashians, but now it seems she’s doubling down on a family-friendly image with a planned appearance on Celebrity Family Feud and a just announced digital celebrity kid prank series.

Titled You Kiddin’ Me, the series, executive produced by Kardashian West, 37, will run for 10 episodes on the Facebook Watch video platform.

Inspired by her own family’s antics, the show is a comedic prank show where the children of celebrities get to tell their parents what to do. It’s meant to highlight both the hilarity of kids’ unscripted remarks while showcasing the family relationships of Hollywood stars via a series of pranks perpetrated by their children.

Viewers will have the chance to get involved with Facebook crowdsourcing prank ideas to be used on the show and even choosing select members to participate in the pranks.

“I know from firsthand experience that children are wise beyond their years and can come up with the craziest things, so imagine how funny it will be to see them make all the decisions?” said Kardashian West in a statement. “I’m delighted to be working with the Lionsgate and Facebook teams on this exciting new venture and invite viewers to witness their favorite celebrity parents get pranked when we launch the series on Facebook Watch.”

This will mark Lionsgate’s first series with Facebook Watch. Further details, including the premiere date, are still to come.

This article originally appeared on Ew.com