Kimye were honored as two of TIME's 100 most influential people at the gala held Tuesday in New York City

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
April 22, 2015 09:35 AM

Kanye West may have reached the point in his career where a non-outrageous performance is outrageous in itself.

The rapper, 37, performed at the TIME 100 Gala on Tuesday in New York City and, beyond some stoic-looking backup dancers covered in body paint who initially stood behind him before dispersing into the crowd, it certainly wasn’t like his last performance, where he jumped into a lake in Armenia before being mobbed by fans.

Kanye closed his performance with his 2005 megahit “Gold Digger,” during which he walked through the audience, touching fans, shaking hands and even accepting hugs.

Kanye West at the TIME 100 Gala
Kevin Mazur/Getty

By his side at the event – where he was honored as one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people – was fellow honoree and wife Kim Kardashian West, who told PEOPLE following Kanye’s performance that she “never knows” what he’s going to do. “He always like to surprise me with what he has up his sleeve, so I’m always so pleasantly surprised,” said Kim, 34, adding that it was “so very special” that the couple were each honored by TIME.

Another notable performance, of sorts, was comedian Amy Schumer‘s game-time decision to dive in front of Kimye on the red carpet. “I saw them, and I asked my publicist, ‘Can I dive in front of them and act like I fell?’ And she said, ‘I can’t stop you,’ ” Schumer told PEOPLE.

Kanye West (left), Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer

Reporting by JEFF NELSON