Kim Kardashian Admits She Didn't Know Kanye West Was Back on Twitter Until His Outburst

"I mean, I hear him say all these things in the house," she adds

Kanye West‘s tweet storm after a hiatus from the social media platform took even his wife by surprise.

Kim Kardashian is appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, and in a sneak peek, she admits that she had unfollowed her husband before this week’s outburst.

“I didn’t even know he got his Twitter again until I started seeing tweets coming in from other people retweeting them. And I was like, wait, is this real? And then at night he came in and said, ‘Did you see my tweets?’ I was like, ‘Yes, I did see your tweets,’ and I followed him back,” Kardashian, 37, explains as the audience laughs.

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“I mean, I hear him say all these things in the house,” she adds. “He’s always talking about clarity, and he talks about how we should not have our phones first thing in the morning and in the house when we’re with our kids. …. It’s our rule that we really try to live by, so I think he was talking about cleansing.”

West, 40, announced on April 18 that he’s writing his “own philosophy book” on Twitter, and since then, he’s ruminated on everything from emojis to his controversial affinity for President Donald Trump.

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But many people close to the 40-year-old rapper told PEOPLE that his private behavior has also been cause for concern. According to several sources, West has cut off contact with many members of his inner circle, including his managers, lawyers and closest friends — and he’s also had multiple arguments with his mother-in-law Kris Jenner.

(However, another insider said that “Kanye and Kris have never had a fight, adding, “Just because Kanye is having a strong opinion does not mean that he is mentally ill or headed for a breakdown. It’s unfair.”)

Sources said that West will get so excited about his latest projects that he sometimes forgets to respect other people’s boundaries.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him like this,” a friend of West told PEOPLE. “He’s all over the place. Excited. Loud. He’s sleeping very little, texting at all hours of the day or night. Coming up with ideas, sending them to people and instructing everyone to drop everything and collaborate. He truly feels like it’s the most exciting stuff in the world.”

The full Ellen interviews airs Monday (check local listings).

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