"This doesn't feel real ... still can't believe it," Kian Lawley wrote on Instagram

By Robyn Merrett
May 12, 2020 08:42 PM
Kian Lawley and Corey La Barrie

YouTube star Kian Lawley is remembering his late "brother" Corey La Barrie, who died Sunday in a car crash on his 25th birthday.

On Tuesday, Lawley shared an emotional tribute in honor of his fellow vlogger, posting an Instagram photo of himself with La Barrie along with a lengthy open letter.

"This doesn't feel real... still can't believe it," Lawley began.

"Corey, man u left us too soon. u were the best friend anybody could ever ask for. i've known you for so damn long, whenever anybody asked me how long, whenever anybody asked me how long we had been friends for, i would say 'too long' hahahah," he wrote.

"At first i didn't think we would become such close friends, but u quickly became my brother. from f------ around in class together, to watching our favorite movie 'tangled' together, quoting every damn line... especially ur favorite part 'you should know, this is the strangest thing i've EVER DONE!,' we did it all," said Lawley, 24.

"Dude, u were such a f------ good kid. had the biggest heart and the most contagious laugh. u could walk into any room and everybody would know ur name, u would literally bring the life to the party," Lawley continued.

Lawley went on to note that La Barrie's legacy will live on forever as he was "loved and cherished by so many people and you still are."

"We will never forget you buddy. there will not be a day that goes by that anybody who knew you would not think about you," said Lawley. "U are with us in our thoughts and spirit every damn day man."

Lawley also shared that he "can almost hear" La Barrie's voice.

"I feel like i can still talk to u at certain times. like i will have a thought in my head about you and i can almost hear you respond hahaha. we spent so much damn time together and at times i felt like we went too much time together, but now that ur gone, i feel like we didn't get enough. i will never forget all the times we had together. some of my best memories are with you," Lawley wrote.

He went on to recall a number of memories of La Barrie, including that he was the "loudest snorer in the universe."

"NO JOKE, i woke up from the rumble and tumble u were producing from ur mouth and had to put headphones in to drown ur ass out hahahah," Lawley wrote.

"Maannnnn, i don't want to stop typing. i don't want to let this 'settle in.' this shouldn't be real. you shouldn't be gone. u should be right here next to us making us laugh and making us wanna punch u from annoying us so damn much hahahha," Lawley continued.

Corey La Barrie
Corey La Barrie/Instagram

"We could argue about anything and everything & sometimes it got pretty bad. but u know what? we always ended them with a hug. one of those nice warm, big, tight Corey La Barrie bear hugs."

Lawley continued saying, "I'm just f------ sad dude. so f------ sad. i can't go a second without thinking about u and tearing up over you brother. u were such a big part of my life and so many others. i know ur looking down upon all of us right now keeping us safe and keeping ur friends closer than ever. we love you man," he said.

La Barrie's brother Jarrad also mourned his death on Instagram, writing, "Thank you for always being the best big brother I could ask for I love you so f------ much life's never gonna be the same without you R.I.P. say hi to grandad and grandma for me I love you."

Since his death, La Barrie's family has launched a GoFundMe to cover his funeral costs.

Jarrad announced the fundraiser on his Instagram Story, writing, "We started a GoFundMe so we can give Corey the best funeral he deserves."

"The untimely and sudden passing of Corey has left his family and friends in utter shock, in a jarring detour from the bright and promising future Corey had ahead of him," reads the page, created by Ashley La Barrie.

As of Tuesday evening, they have raised $108,635.

The fatal incident occurred on Sunday night at around 9:30 p.m. in the Valley Village area of Los Angeles, when Ink Master's Daniel Silva was driving a 2020 McLaren 600LT "at a high rate of speed" and "lost control," running off the road and colliding with a stop sign and tree, authorities allege. La Barrie was reportedly in the passenger seat.

The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the scene, and both Silva and La Barrie were transported to a local hospital, where La Barrie was pronounced dead. On Monday, Silva was arrested.

Corey La Barrie
Corey La Barrie/Twitter

"The Los Angeles Police Department's Valley Traffic Division announce the arrest of Daniel Joseph Silva, a 27-year-old driver and resident of Los Angeles for murder," authorities stated.

"The driver of the McLaren exited the vehicle and attempted to leave the scene but was stopped by citizens who came to render aid," the LAPD said. "No other vehicles were involved in the collision."

Silva was injured and was photographed at the scene by Los Angeles Daily News being stretched to an ambulance. It is not clear what injuries he sustained at this time.

A rep for Silva did not respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

La Barrie gained fame for his light-hearted vlogs that followed his daily life. La Barrie would often collaborate with other YouTubers and prank his friends. Most recently, the late influencer chronicled his life while social distancing amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in a video from April titled "A Day in My Life Stuck Inside!"

His most popular video, which has 745,496 views, shows him pranking YouTuber David Dobrik by putting a wheel lock on his Tesla.