August 17, 2016 01:05 PM

Lamar Odom may be ready to get back on the basketball court, but Khloé Kardashian isn’t totally comfortable with the idea.

In a sneak peek at Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kardashian expresses her concerns over her former NBA star ex getting back into the sport less than a year after a near-fatal overdose that left him physically impaired for months.

The clip opens with Odom, 36, hanging out with Kardashian, 31, and her mother Kris Jenner, 60, at Jenner’s home. When he accidentally spills some of his food on the ground, Jenner jumps up to grab napkins while Kardashian rolls her eyes.

“If this was anybody else she would cuss them out,” Kardashian says. “You have her wrapped around your little finger. Sauce all over her grey rug and she doesn’t even flinch!”

“It’s okay Lammy, I got you,” Jenner says affectionately before asking about Odom’s two kids, daughter Destiny, 17, and son Lamar Jr., 13, from a previous relationship.

“They’re getting so big,” Odom says. “[Lamar Jr. plays] ball, so he’s just in his own world.”

Jenner asks whether Odom himself has considered getting back on the court. (Odom last played professionally for the Los Angeles Lakers before being waived by the team in 2014.)

“Yeah. I’m going to go to this training facility in Santa Barbara,” Odom replies. “A lot of pros and guys that would be pros work out there.”

Kardashian remains silent, though her expression appears strained.

“Basketball is obviously Lamar’s passion and love, and anything that’s positive and uplifting I’m all for, but Lamar hasn’t followed through recently with so many things,” she tells the camera. “I need to see some consistency and a little effort on Lamar’s part. Going to a basketball camp is a big step, and I don’t want to set him up for failure.”

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These days, however, communication between Kardashian and her estranged husband has reduced dramatically after Odom appeared to fall back into dangerous habits.

A source told PEOPLE last month Odom avoided an intervention that was planned by his family in the hopes he would turn himself into a rehab facility.

“Everyone is terrified by what could happen if Lamar doesn’t get help,” the insider said. “Lamar has surrounded himself with enablers. No one tells him no or makes decisions that are best for him. So Lamar is in complete denial. He thinks he can just keep going and treating his body like this with no consequences. He won’t listen to anybody.”

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on E!

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