"We both don't know what the hell we're doing, but we're super excited," Khloé Kardashian says of expecting her first baby with boyfriend Tristan Thompson


Although Khloé Kardashian didn’t confirm her pregnancy until December, fans have known for months that she and boyfriend Tristan Thompson are expecting their first child together.

But on part two of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians midseason premiere, a six-weeks along Khloé shared the big news with her family. The Good American jeans founder, 33, also tried to mend her relationship with mom Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble. Meanwhile Kris, 62, worked to accept her ever-growing ears.

Confronting Corey

While getting her makeup done on set, Khloé tells Kourtney that Corey made a comment about her to Malika at a concert. “He said something to Malika at this concert and he was like, ‘There’s that one sister who hates me,’ ” Khloé says. “It makes me very uncomfortable.”

In an on-camera interview, Khloé admits, “When Corey and my mom started dating I was definitely skeptical just because my mom just got out of a 24-year marriage and I was just being protective. I thought Corey had been fine and now hearing that Corey has been talking s— about me … ”

Even after Corey, 37, attends the barbecue Kris threw for her and Tristan’s families, Khloé didn’t feel good about their relationship. “When we were all at your house, I felt like Corey was doing anything in his power to avoid me,” Khloé tells her mom. “I was announcing that I was having a baby. The fact that he could barely say congratulations to me blew my mind.”

The newly pregnant reality star suggests taking Corey to lunch to clear the air. “If that energy is out there, that’s not okay with me,” Kris says. “My kids come first over anybody ever for the rest of time. So I want one big cuddly happy family. Anything else is never going to work for me.”

Joined by Kourtney at lunch, Khloé broaches the subject. “I just feel like lately things have been weird between us, so I just wanted to make sure if there’s anything we can talk about,” she begins.

Corey insists, “It’s not like it’s a problem. I guess it just is what it is, but it’s not me. I don’t dislike nobody.”

He goes on to explain that he feels Khloé has been “standoffish” and at the end of the day, “Y’all not really my f—ing kids. We are technically peers.” So the lunch didn’t really make Khloé feel much better. “I feel a lot of defensiveness,” she admits. “The fact that I am now the one to blame here — like, what? But okay. I thought I did reach out. I thought I set up this lunch. I’m so nice.”

Tristan encourages her to reach out to Corey again, at which point Khloé invites him to join her at The Steve Harvey Show. “Now we’re texting back and forth,” she says. “We’re trying to mend things a little bit.”

Kris’ earlobe obsession

Kris, feeling taunted by a comment Kim Kardashian West made about her earlobes, decides to mend something of her own. So she heads to Dr. Jason B. Diamond to get her lobes trimmed. “The decision to do something about my ever-changing ears is suddenly a priority,” she tells the cameras, adding to her kids, “I play with them all day. They’re so big they’re like flapping.”

Kim, 37, accompanies her mother to the procedure. “Watching this is crazy and very uncomfortable ,but you know what? Do what you gotta do,” Kim says. “If you have to cut half your ear off, all good. I’m here to support you.”

After the surgery ends, Kim declares, “They look much better.” And Kris agrees, showing off her smaller ears to Khloé and Kendall with an oversized pair of dangling earrings in the kitchen.

“My mom is so ridiculous with this ear thing,” Khloé says. “She’s been obsessed. I don’t know whether to laugh or be concerned.”

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‘We’re having a baby!’

It’s Khloé’s body-changing news though that shocks the family, though. She feels sluggish during a workout with Kourtney, 38, experiences a lower stomach pain during an ab exercise and even has to sit down in the shower after the session.

“Lately I have been so sluggish and bloated,” Khloé says in an interview. “And Tristan keeps teasing me because he keeps saying, ‘Oh you’re pregnant.’ He keeps putting his hand on my tummy. It’s not that far-fetched, it’s just, I’m not pregnant. There’s no way.”

But her pregnancy test says otherwise. Telling her assistant Alexa, the second person to learn of the news after Tristan, the Revenge Body host admits, “I felt that I was.”

“I’m super nervous but really excited,” she says. “There’s a million different emotions that are going in my brain, but I think I’m in a state of shock. I almost can’t believe it. But a good shock.”

Khloé explains that she and the Cleveland Cavaliers player, 26, planned on starting to try for a baby over the summer. “Tristan and I have always discussed that in August we would start trying having kids and I would get off birth control,” she shares. “I ended up getting off birth control a few months before because I met Dr. Huang.” (The doctor told her that because of how long she’d been using birth control, it could suppress her ovaries.)

With Tristan’s family in town, the couple, dating since fall 2016, decided to use Kris’ barbecue to share the news. “Tristan and I are so nervous to tell everyone,” Khloé admits. “I mean we both don’t know what the hell we’re doing but we’re super excited. We’re so lucky and blessed to have everyone here.”

After Tristan warms up the crowd, which includes Kanye West and grandma MJ, he turns it over to his girlfriend to share the news. “We’re having a baby!” she announces. “Yes we are!”

Kris immediately embraces her daughter: “I’m so happy for you.” While Kourtney jokes, “No wonder you gained a few pounds.”

Kim, who will welcome her third child via surrogate this winter, lamented, “I wish that I was actually pregnant.”

Kris and her three eldest daughters FaceTime Kendall and Kylie Jenner (who is also now pregnant with her first child) to share the news, which the lip kit mogul reacts to with tears.

“I just never thought that this one was going to be able to have a baby,” Kris tells Tristan of Khloé.

In an on-camera interview, the momager explains, “Hearing this news is the most special thing that I think anyone could ever tell me. I’m ecstatically surprised. I always thought that Khloé would be one of those women who didn’t have kids, and I struggled with that. It made me really sad. Because no one that was born to do this more than Khloé.”

And the mom-to-be feels relieved, too. “It feels so good to tell everyone and everyone’s so excited,” Khloé says. “I’m happy that I get to talk about it now with my sisters and my mom. It’s just so emotional. This is literally her dream. She nudges me every day about freezing my f—ing eggs, so I feel really blessed.”

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