Khloé Kardashian recently reunited with her ex to celebrate their daughter's 1st birthday

By Aurelie Corinthios
April 17, 2019 01:37 PM

Khloé Kardashian is known for sharing inspirational quotes with her social media followers — but her latest post might be aimed at one person in particular.

On Wednesday, Kardashian, 34, posted a not-so-cryptic quote on her Instagram Story that could be a thinly-veiled reference to her ex Tristan Thompson, 28.

“Dear men,” begins the quote. “Close your eyes. Imagine you have a daughter. Imagine she is dating a guy just like you. Did you smile? No. Then change.”

Khloe Kardashian

In another slide, Kardashian posted a quote about self-love — “Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done” — and one about noticing people “who make an effort to stay in your life.”

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian
Credit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

The quotes come after Kardashian reunited with Thompson to celebrate their daughter True‘s 1st birthday over the weekend. The basketball player was spotted alongside Kardashian in videos from the bash, marking the first time the two have been seen together since he was accused of cheating on her with family friend Jordyn Woods.

Tristan True party
Credit: Khloe Kardashian / Instagram

The Woods scandal wasn’t the first time Thompson’s alleged infidelities came to light. Last year, just two days before Kardashian gave birth to True, Thompson was caught on video getting close to an unidentified woman in a New York City lounge. At the same time, TMZ published footage from October 2017 allegedly depicting him kissing one woman while a different woman groped him at a hookah lounge outside of Washington, D.C. (Thompson has never publicly addressed any of the allegations.)

Though they got back together after the first cheating scandal, they’ve split for good since his hookup with Woods, 21. But a source told PEOPLE Kardashian still wants Thompson to have a relationship with their daughter.

“Khloé has no desire to shut Tristan out of True’s life,” said the source. “He is her father and Khloé is much bigger than that.”

“They communicate about True, of course, but they aren’t getting back together,” the source added.

And while he did attend True’s birthday, an insider told PEOPLE the exes mostly kept their distance from one another.

“Tristan attended the birthday party with some friends,” said the source. “Khloé seemed a bit nervous about having him there, but there was never a question if he would be invited. It’s super important to Khloé that True spends as much time with Tristan as possible. Khloé wants True to have a great relationship with Tristan.”

The source said “everything went smoothly” at the reunion, explaining that “Khloé had asked her family to behave and leave Tristan alone.”

“Khloé and Tristan posed for some pictures together with True, but otherwise had very little interaction,” the source said. “Khloé let Tristan spend some alone time with True.”