Khloé Kardashian Right-Swiped Who?! The 'KUWTK' Star Plays Celebrity Tinder

Dwanye Johnson, Jaden Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio and Fetty Wap were each contenders on the reality star's imaginary list

Photo: BG010/Bauer-Griffin/GC

Khloé Kardashian had some imaginary fun on Wednesday.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star played celebrity Tinder on her website and app, revealing to fans which three famous faces she would swipe left on and which Oscar winner would score a right swipe.

“S— goes down on Tinder! Have you dolls ever wished you could swipe right on your celeb crushes? See below for what I would do if these famous guys’ profiles showed up on Tinder,” Kardashian, 32, penned on her website.

Dwayne Johnson was the first contender. Listed as a 44-year-old “actor, wrestler, producer,” Kardashian passed. Her reasoning: “I love The Rock as a person but I’m just not sexually attracted to him.”

Next up was Jaden Smith, who is a close friend of Kardashian’s younger sister Kendall Jenner. The 18-year-old “actor, rapper” also didn’t score a right swipe. “I’m only saying no because he’s like my little brother so it’s weird. In another era, I might have said yes but not in this circumstance,” she penned.

Leonardo DiCaprio was the third famous face on the list. “Right on Leo, for sure! I feel like Romeo + Juliet sealed him as a right swipe for the rest of my life,” she said of the 41-year-old “actor, producer.”

Lastly, “hip hop artist” Fetty Wap was a contender on the imaginary app, but Kardashian wasn’t interested. “Fetty Wap is a no for me but I do love to work out to his music!”

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