Khloé Kardashian discussed the controversial selfie on Kocktails with Khloé

By Aurelie Corinthios
Updated April 13, 2016 01:45 PM
Credit: Getty

When Kim Kardashian West posted a NSFW nude selfie last month, no one was that surprised – but when she took to Twitter to slam her haters in an epic rant, well, that raised a few eyebrows.

Why’s that? Largely because of all her famous family members, Kim isn’t one to typically engage in social media feuds – much unlike her husband Kanye West and sister Khloé Kardashian, who have certainly been known for more than a couple Twitter brawls of their own.

So when Kim, 35, slammed her nude selfie critics on Twitter (“Hey @BetteMidler I know it’s past your bedtime but if you’re still up and reading this send nudes #justkidding” was just one of the zingers), a lot of people assumed that her rapper husband or younger sis Khloé were behind the feisty tweets. (Kim later refuted this, tweeting: “I swear I’m funny too!”)

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Now, though, Khloé says she actually did have a hand in the Twitter takedowns, revealing the news during a discussion on Wednesday’s episode of Kocktails with Khloé.

In a sneak peek at the scene, Khloé, 31, asks her guests what they thought of Kim’s NSFW full-frontal pic, and while most of the crew was all for it, guest Holly Robinson Peete said she wished Kim hadn’t responded to her haters.

“I think my only issue was when she released it and then sort of got some backlash – I think it was Bette Midler and a couple of other people – I felt like I didn’t want her clap back,” said Peete. “Because I thought like [Kim’s mind-set should be]: ‘You know what? I’m good. This is what I did.’ I felt like the clap back wasn’t worth it.”

“Tell me, was your brother-in-law writing those tweets?” Peete asked Khloé.

“No! She was doing it,” maintained Khloé – before adding one tiny detail: “[But] I was on the phone with her and I probably wasn’t the best influence.”

We knew there was some Khlo-Money somewhere in there!

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