Khloé Kardashian, a 'Control Freak,' Meets with Exposure Therapist About 'Obsessive Cleaning'

"What I take away from this experience is taking pride in your home, in your things ... [it] just can't have power over me," she said

It’s no secret that Khloé Kardashian is a neat freak — but according to Kris Jenner, sometimes she takes it too far.

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner, 64, grew increasingly concerned about her daughter’s obsessive tendencies around the house.

“Khloé is the most organized, cleanest, most obsessive person I know in her own home,” she said. “But lately, she’s on another level.”

“I mean, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. When we were raising the kids, I was always cleaning and organizing and re-organizing and moving things around, so I kind of feel responsible,” she admitted. “But the one thing that I’ve learned through the years is that this desire to have everything perfect can really drive you crazy.”

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Indeed, Kardashian has documented her hyper-organized home at length for fans, even running several “Khlo-C-D” pieces on her now-shuttered website and app. But on Sunday’s episode, Jenner was adamant that something had to change, especially now that Kardashian is mom to 19-month-old daughter True Thompson.

“If you have kids, everything isn’t going to be perfect all of the time,” she said. “Ever since she finished doing renovations on her house, I’ve been more worried about Khloé’s obsessive cleaning. … It just is starting to really concern me.”

After raising the issue with Kardashian, 35, Jenner insisted that her daughter meet with Sheva Rajaee, an exposure therapist who specializes in anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.

“She does these exercises with you that will help you learn how to deal with the anxiety that you’re feeling right now,” Jenner explained. “You’ve got to see somebody. Just do it for me.”

Kardashian was skeptical, but she agreed to a session with Rajaee.

“I’m willing to talk to this therapist because I’m polite, but I just don’t think have a problem,” she said. “If somebody says I’m crazy, I’m meticulous, I’m clean, I’m neurotic — thank you. I just don’t know why this really matters.”

Much to Kardashian’s horror, Rajaee had the reality star go through her house and purposely mess things up, like switching up the color-coded order of food in her meticulously arranged fridge.

“Being the control freak that I am, this experience is torture,” Kardashian said. “The anxiety factor alone is draining.”

But she did eventually come around to the therapist’s suggestions.

“What I take away from this experience is taking pride in your home, in your things — there are things that I like and they just can’t have power over me,” she said. “This has been embedded in me my whole life, so acting a certain way is not going to happen with a couple of exercises, I’m not going to change. But I’m working on it, because it’s not a good way to live.”

Later, at lunch with the rest of the family, she filled them in on her progress.

“I’m actually really proud of myself, I feel like I’ve got it together,” she said. “I’m not as crazy about things. I’m better, I let it ride a little more.”

Little did she know, the confession would actually backfire, prompting Jenner to test just how much mess her daughter could handle with a giant food fight. (The scene has garnered backlash online, with some fans slamming it as “insensitive” and “unacceptable” food waste.)

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