Khloé Kardashian Shows Off Her Pre-Christmas Gift Haul from Kris Jenner, JLo and Chrissy Teigen

It's not even Christmas yet, and already Khloé Kardashian has fans feeling major gift envy

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It’s not even Christmas yet, and already Khloé Kardashian has fans feeling major gift envy.

The 32-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star took to Snapchat on Friday to show off some stunning gifts she received from mom Kris Jennerand friends Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

Jenner, 61, gifted her middle girl two original photographs of icon Marilyn Monroe.

“If anyone knows me they know I have a true obsession with Marilyn Monroe,” Kardashian gushed on Snapchat, showing off the pictures. “I mean, can you not die?”

“They’re both signed by the photographers,” she continued. “This was signed by the legendary Bert Stern, who has now sadly passed away. And this is by Richard C. Miller.”

“Richard C. Miller was the photographer who was on the set of Some like It Hot,” Jenner added.

Kardashian was beside herself — telling her mother she wasn’t happy, she was “absolutely ecstatic.” The photograph by Stern was one of the pictures from his famous “Last Sitting” with Monroe, which took place just six weeks before she died.

The enthusiasm continued as Kardashian opened a gift from Lopez — which came with an attached card that read: “Khloé — Girl, you are looking so amazing! Get some revenge in these! Love, Jennifer.”

At first, the card was enough for Kardashian.

“You guys, I am dying,” she said. “J Lo thinks I look amazing? I don’t need a gift — I just needed this card. The card is enough!”

But when she got a look at the gift — a pair of gold sequence peep-toe stiletto boots from Lopez’s collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti — she thought differently.

“Okay, I lied,” Kardashian said. “As much as I loved the card — holy s—, these are f—— epic. And they’re from Jennifer Lopez!”

“These are just to die for,” she continued, trying them on. “I feel like a bad-ass Cinderella. Cinder- f—— ella.”


(At the same time, Kardashian’s sister Kylie Jenner was gushing about some Crocs she was gifted over on her Snapchat. Moral of the story? The KarJenners love shoes, no matter what shape or size they come in).

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There was one gift Kardashian didn’t seem that excited to get… a soul food cake from Teigen and Legend.

The sweet treat, made by Bree’s Cakes and retailing for $250, was pretty unusual. Topped with five pieces of fried chicken, its “icing” was made of mashed potatoes and it’s filling, corn bread, yams, and mac and cheese. Gravy drizzled from the sides.

“I come back in town and of course Chrissy and John have to outdo me,” Kardashian said, lamenting that their gift was better than hers.

“I’m trying to be skinny — what’s wrong with you?,” she joked, before adding “love you!”

Teigen and Legend sent the same cake to Khloé’s sister Kourtney Kardashian, who was far more excited about it.

“Wow,” she said — showing off the cake on her Snapchat as one of her kids detailed off each one of the cake’s ingredients.

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