Khloé Kardashian Says Rob Feels 'Lost' After Dad's Death, Misses Filming 'KUWTK'

Khloé Kardashian appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday


Khloé Kardashian opened up about the men in her life – estranged husband Lamar Odom and younger brother Rob Kardashian – during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday and wasn’t shy about detailing the struggles both face.

Odom, who nearly died after overdosing at a Nevada brothel in October, was recently discharged from the hospital and moved to a live-in rehabilitation center – the latest stride in his recovery.

“He’s walking and talking it’s literally a miracle,” Khloé, 31, told Andy Cohen. “This person was in a coma, I was told he had four hours to live. He could not speak or walk up until three weeks ago.”

Khloé said that doctors “are astonished” by his quick progress, something she explained is likely due to his athleticism.

“He’s fighting for his life and I really pray that this is a wakeup call for him,” she said. “Everyone loves a good comeback story.”

As for the circumstances that lead to Odom’s hospitalization, Khloé didn’t mince words, saying she long feared his issues would result in something tragic.

“I didn’t know that particular situation was going to happen but I always feared that the end result was going to happen, that was obviously a reason I left the marriage,” she said. “I never imagined it would be at a brothel or that whole dramatic situation.”

Despite Odom’s cheating and betrayal during their marriage, Khloé insisted the former NBA star is still “a great person.”

“His demons are overshadowing what a great heart he has, and I know his soul is still great and he’s a beautiful person,” she said.

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The Strong Looks Better Naked author also addressed brother Rob’s recent diabetes diagnosis and life as a recluse after significant weight gain and a battle with depression.

“I mean I don’t think he blames any of us [for his problems], we talk about stuff all the time,” Khloé said. “I think Rob hit a dark place more so dealing with my dad’s death that happened later in life.”

Robert Kardashian Sr., who died in 2003, long wanted Rob to attend college, and the reality star said after her brother finished school he “felt lost.”

“He kind of had no direction and I feel like he felt lost there, and I think that’s when he started dealing with my father’s passing,” Kardashian explained, “and then breakups and all this stuff happened, which I think added to other things in his life, but it’s issues he had to deal with from the start that he just didn’t.”

Though Rob has been on an extended hiatus from the family’s E! series, Kardashian suggested he wants to return eventually.

“I mean he was very happy doing the show for many years and he still says he misses doing the show,” she said.

Watch What Happens Live airs Sunday-Thursday at 11 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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