Khloé Kardashian Says She Forgives Tristan Thompson: 'I Don't Believe in Being a Victim'

"I don't think he's a bad person, I think we all make mistakes, we are humans," Khloe Kardashian said of her ex

Khloé Kardashian is sharing her feelings on ex Tristan Thompson eight months after their public breakup.

The reality star, 35, explained on Monday’s episode of Jay Shetty’s podcast, On Purpose, that dating has not been a priority of hers since she split from Thompson, 28, after news broke in February that he cheated on Kardashian with longtime family friend Jordyn Woods.

“I haven’t jumped into dating, I don’t care to date right now. I’m not in a rush for it, I feel so good in my life, and I don’t really need much else,” said Kardashian, who shares 18-month-old daughter True with Thompson.

“Something that I’m focusing on is just making sure I process everything,” she continued. “I think, especially in my family, we are good at moving on. We have very big, forgiving hearts, we just move on, but we don’t really talk about things that happened. I don’t really know if that’s healthy or not.”

Although Kardashian and Thompson have been broken up since the cheating scandal, the mom of one said that she “forgives” him.

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“I don’t think he’s a bad person; I think we all make mistakes, we are humans,” she said. “But it’s only going to hurt me if I’m holding onto this anger and playing this victim role. I don’t believe in being a victim. I believe in ‘Okay this happened to me, let’s figure it out, let’s push through it,’ and maybe if I am open and honest about it, it can help other people feel like, ‘It’s okay, we are all human, we are all going to get through things.'”

“But you can’t just condemn somebody for sinning differently than you did,” Kardashian continued. “I feel like we are all so quick to just exile people and it’s just so heavy to me. Something I’m just focusing on is making sure I am healed from that, or as much as I can, and try to understand it as much as I can. And then don’t distract myself. I try to have a lot of me time in the mornings, and that is where I kind of filter through that.”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star explained that while she appreciated the sympathy from the public after the NBA player’s hookup with Woods, 21, she made sure to put things in perspective.

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“It is natural to almost be the victim,” she said. “Especially when you are on this platform and the whole world is like, ‘Oh I feel so bad for you.’ It’s like ‘Okay thank you, but this has also happened I’m sure to like hundreds of people before.’ Not saying that it’s right, I’m just saying I’m not going to die. We’re all fine.”

Kardashian also said that it was important for her to forgive her ex as a lesson to True.

“I want to show my daughter that it’s okay and it’s a beautiful thing to also forgive her dad, he’s a great person,” she explained. “Maybe him and I weren’t compatible in that way, but that is okay. Nobody is going to die here, and I always want True to be surrounded by love. I know babies feel energy, we feel energy, and I just feel just bliss as much as I can.”

And although the mom of one admits that things would be “easier” for her if she and True went their separate ways from Thompson, she wants to ensure that True always has her dad in her life.

“He never hurt True. Him and I have our own relationship and Tristan and True have theirs,” Kardashian said. “I will never come between that, I don’t believe in that. I attest that to my parents, were incredible co-parenters from what I know. I’m sure they fought all the time, but not around us. My sister Kourtney and Scott, they are incredible co-parents. If it’s not hindering or hurting you in anyway, then it’s important to work on all relationships.”

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Even though Kardashian is seemingly content as a single mother, a source told PEOPLE earlier this month that the reality star has not completely ruled out reconciling with Thompson.

“Tristan has showed more of an interest,” the source said. “He seems to want more than co-parent with Khloé. It seems Khloé has moments when she is toying with the idea of getting back with Tristan.”

However, the source added that “someone is quick to point out and remind Khloé of his past disrespectful antics”— likely referring to Thompson’s scandal with Woods and the allegations that he first cheated on Kardashian while she was about to give birth to True in April 2018.

“Everyone thinks she deserves better,” the source says. “But it seems Khloé needs a good distraction to fully move on mentally from Tristan. She needs to find a special guy, and so far, she hasn’t.”

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