Khloé Kardashian has had enough

By Natalie Stone
February 28, 2018 05:34 PM

Khloé Kardashian has had enough.

During a trip with her older sisters, Khloé, 33, got frustrated with Kourtney, 38, for making her and Kim, 37, wait an extra 30 minutes to leave for an event.

“What is she doing?” Khloé said to sister Kim, who gestured that she doesn’t know, in an E! clip of Sunday’s upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In an attempt to find out Kourtney’s status, Khloé — who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson — called her phone, which went directly to voicemail.

Just moments later, Kourtney casually walked into the waiting room with her phone to her ear and said, “Khlo?”

“Kourt, I’m being serious,” Khloé fired back at the eldest Kardashian sibling. “You need to figure out your life.”

Kourtney proceeded to explain that she was “on the phone with Larsa [Pippen],” but Khloé was still angered at her sister’s selfishness.

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“So you shouldn’t be on the phone! We’ve been waiting for you for 30 minutes!” Khloé said to Kourtney, who exclaimed, “I was getting ready!”

From Khloé’s perspective, Kourtney’s tardiness is obviously a pattern.

“But you’re always like this and we’re just waiting for you and waiting for you,” said Khloé.

Kourtney, who was visibly irritated, returned to her phone call with Pippen, and told her sister, “All right, I don’t have time to listen to you yell.”

Khloé clapped back, “I don’t have time to wait for you. I don’t want to go on trips if this is how you are every f—— time. You don’t care how selfish that is?”

Evidently, Kourtney wanted to ignore the issue at hand. “Shall we?” she said as she walked out of the room.

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