Khloé Kardashian Talks Suffering from Comparisons to Sisters Kim and Kourtney: 'I Didn't Have My Own Identity'

Kardashian also reveals what she did at school that made her father "livid" and which fellow future reality star was one of her high school besties

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It’s not always easy having older sisters growing up – but what about having two fabulous, self-assured older sisters? Khloé Kardashian would know, and she admits it wasn’t always easy.

In a new post on her website and app, Khloé, 31, opened up about what her school years were like as she followed in the footsteps of her older sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, now 35 and 37, respectively.

“While I loved having my built-in group with Kim and Kourtney, it was hard for me at times,” admits Khloé. “They may have already graduated when I got to school, but I remember that teachers would always exclaim, ‘You’re THEIR sister?’ ”

“I didn’t have my own identity and was compared to them,” she adds.

And while her two sisters were in with the cool kids at school, Khloé herself says she “didn’t care about being popular” and “was nice to everyone.”

“If you were a loner I was like, ‘Come and sit with me!’ ” says the reality star, who also got along well with faculty: “I was always friends with teachers. I even remember during the O.J. [Simpson] stuff, my teachers would let me watch the trial with them.”

And dealing with what Khloé calls “the Kardashian legacy” wasn’t a struggle she faced at just one school.

“I studied all over. All over!” Khloé recalls. “My parents divorced when I was 4; my mom lived in Malibu and my dad lived in Beverly Hills. I went to a million different schools because they were trying to find a good in-between spot. I attended Bel Air Prep, Saint Martin, Webster, A.E. Wright, Montclair Prep and Marymount High School, then I went to Alexandria Academy, which was when I started my home schooling.”

Of her decision to stick with home schooling – which her sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner also did – well, that’s actually a funny story.

“I went to Marymount in ninth grade, while Kourt and Kim were there, but after they left, I felt like I had no one to be with. I struggled really hard in school, so I took myself out of Marymount and forged my parents’ names to enroll in Alexandria Academy,” she reveals.

“My dad was livid when he found out, and I was so scared, I was shaking. He told me, ‘I’m so pissed, but the fact that you put so much effort into all of this … I’m going to let you do this. But you have to keep a certain GPA,’ ” she explains of her late father Robert Kardashian‘s reaction.

“Alexandria Academy is not at-home, you go to a school, and there are tutors that give you individual attention. I needed that. I really did not know one person there. I knew college wasn’t for me, and I graduated from Alexandria with honors – which I never would’ve done in a traditional school.”

Overall, Khloé says she “had the most fun at Montclair Prep” – where she was buddies with Nicole Richie, 34!

“She’s older, but I would sit in classes with her. Even after she graduated, she went to Santa Monica College and I would tag along. No one would even question me – it was so weird,” she says.

As for her favorite subjects? English (“I really loved to write”) and theology – but don’t give her any pop quizzes.

“I think religions and how it intersects with culture and history is fascinating,” she says. “I love learning, but don’t give me a test, LOL! I didn’t get A’s and B’s, but I enjoyed that stuff.”

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