February 18, 2012 09:15 AM

Khloé Kardashian Odom is thrilled about the warm welcome she and husband Lamar Odom have received in Dallas – but she’s not feeling settled in Texas quite yet.

“We’re still waiting on furniture, because my husband is so big a lot of the furniture has to be custom made,” she tells PEOPLE in the clip above.

Reflecting on the upcoming season of Khloé & Lamar, which premieres Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET, Odom admits that life has been stressful.

“Lamar and I started filming during an NBA lockout,” she says, noting her basketball star husband was almost traded to the New Orleans Hornets before landing with the Dallas Mavericks in December. “All of this stuff is unexpected.”

And while much of the second season focuses on the couple’s attempts to have a baby, it also shows them in their most frazzled moments.

“Lamar and I haven’t even had a honeymoon yet, so we were kind of thinking of just going on vacations and doing more laid-back things, rather than the stressful season you’re going to see play out.”

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